Buried Secret of Shamanism

April 13, 2012 12:22

Mystery of Shamanism

In this paper we will try to prove that the "Doom" does not exist, reveal secret buried for centuries Shamanism which sheds light on the principles of healing, prophecy, and other unexplained phenomena up to that point.
For two decades, we made our way through the impenetrable darkness, artificially created by many generations of people who want to hide for many reasons
the true teachings of shamanism.

Life weaves us

First breath, first cry … and come, "Your" first moment … Still, it's best to lay the foundation for future life from the moment of birth, and from the moment of conception. If you miss the first few months of fetal life, the future of this creature can be dangerous, uncertain and can suddenly end at the beginning of life. In the first weeks of the existence of human life a little too thin. Healthy babies can fall asleep and never wake up. At the same time, very preterm children may well grow up healthy and strong. Proponents of the existence of the "fate" are silent on this issue. It is clear, no one wants to mention the facts that contradict their principles. Man is born free, "Destiny", with no future. At first, only obstetricians, parents so close to creating a start to life. Created this way thoughts, dreams, ideas of others. This thread is a ghostly child as long as he does not undertake to weave a strong rope, a ladder, or even lay the pavement life. That's only if he can explain during that so-called "Destiny" — the work of his own fragile mind.
Rare, but do occur tragedy when babies die in their sleep. How so? In those moments when a child is sleeping peacefully, not screaming and crying for a few minutes to forget about it, so — forget to weave the thread of his life, and he dies. The child feels when his thread and it is especially subtle — screaming! Immediately after birth, have to create a thread of life. There is an ancient custom — to put in a birthday tree. Surely, the people, where there is such a custom, know what they do. Everyone looks at thin sprout and imagine how it will grow and get stronger day by day, year by year, and with it, the baby will grow. This is not a tricky rite gives strength to the threads of life, creates a starting point for future achievements, like the branches and leaves.
There are cases where the birth of a child is placed around his future in doubt. Then his whole life would be difficult and dangerous, and everything that happens to him, there will be again "written off" by fate. Very easy to "jinx" the baby. Many detractors have used their superiority and easily deprive human life, not giving up on his feet. That's why the fact of pregnancy is carefully concealed and babies for a long time does not seem strange and evil men.
On such a tragic example of the lack of observed clue in the very early stages of life.
In adult life rarely breaks, but occasionally it is thinning. In the waning moments of people visit the illness, injury, failure, and just — episodes foul mood. Even after a person is on a thin isthmus — he recalls and strives to improve the situation, but then again the situation is repeated. One can never cease to weave the thread of his life — otherwise it will look like a series of ups and dips.
Thinning of the thread of life can occur for various reasons. It's either our own mistake or outside influence, which, incidentally, is not the same without our indirect intervention. Even the belief in the existence of "Doom" makes us a helpless, weak, weak-willed, and most of all — loose. To surrender to the flow — that psychology is a fatalist, rather than to make all their forces to create the perfect person.
— Do you know how to control the destiny?
— Of course not!
But it was not always! Even the press penetrate strange rituals of the ancient tribes, when any man take the life of the tribe just "one word," one commandment will shaman of the tribe! Again in this debate vlezut psychologists and say — "suggestion", "hypnosis" — repeat therapists or psychiatrists. And that will be placed bullet. Further research should be all the way closed! Only it is not clear who is in the service of the whole fraternity that prevents the little man to understand all the mysteries of fate and the imaginary become the ruler of your life? Why keep people in advance to remove the obstacles from his path and becomes happy and all-powerful?


Throughout the existence of this one may say "industry" of medicine, there are a lot of questions and innuendo. The lack of common principles and guidelines in this area precludes her grow and take its rightful place in our lives. Many approaches, direct participation of the individual in the process of healing, many circumstances that accompany the process of healing — completely confusing anyone who wants to look into this matter. But the matter is still in the same "fate" that supposedly exists and is a cementing factor from birth. No! There are many examples where people, will power, changed the course of his life and thus get rid of incurable diseases. It is this principle lies at the heart of healing. The strength of the result will depend on the strength of his faith healer, and in their own power to change the situation. Imagine a thread of human life. Then came the disease, and this part of his life thread contains a weak unsustainable thoughtforms patient or in his thread embedded thoughtforms evil outsiders. (For the shaman are thoughtforms are real, he calls them "spirits of disease")
Now the healer with its own rituals, suggestions, rituals, prayers — replaces the damaged part of the web of life of the patient to the threads of his own life, which he carves out his thread. What is most interesting — is the fact that the healer is unable to weave a new area of life for the patient! The healer uses his thread! Very rarely, in exceptional cases, the physician does not feel obvious violations in their own lives after just such miracles of healing, yet, over time, this work is beginning to affect even such powerful healers. As an example, mention should be made here about the treatment of the shaman. Shaman with helper spirits removes part of the damaged thread of life the patient — as a spiritual disease, but in their place always puts the so-called "pay" from their personal energy, strands of his life in the form of spirits, determined nature. New Perfumes, which inserts shaman as patches, have the power to bind two pieces of thread of life the patient, or — allow the person to begin to weave a new thread of life, one in which spirits of the disease will not be able to damage the person, at least at first. If the healed man reiterates his mistakes, does not listen to the advice of the healer, the thread of his life once again penetrate the spirits of the same disease, and the situation is repeated, the new cure that person it is much more difficult. Correct position of the patient helps the so-called "repentance", which promotes a new thread of life, in a new direction.


Be a prophet — not very easy. If there is no "Destiny", is how one can foresee the event? The absence of a common approach in this area, as well as in healing always puts the prophets, fortune-tellers, soothsayers in the role of charlatans, liars or at best — storytellers. Do we need these people? Yes, they are, of course, necessary for all without exception, and deserve a respectful attitude towards their titanic task. This work is truly titanic. It requires huge amount of energy, and these costs can never be measured by any cash. Now, there is only little nuances that you'd like more detail. Forecasters can be in at least three types — forecasters — healers, just diviners, and soothsayers — killer.
• Forecasters healers — considering the thread of life, man-made, they see weaknesses in their lives and in their power, using part of their lives, relieve human from harm. They program on human happiness, and themselves at the same time live down the negative, turn to them for help.
• Just predictors — see little thread and talk about it, without prejudice to the event.
• Forecasters killer — see the thread of human life and introduce into it some of its negative portion of its web of life in exchange for a healthy, turn to him the man. Thus forecasters — killer "programs" on the negative in the future.

Mystery of Shamanism

Mystery of Shamanism in that thread of human life consists of small plots. Some of them can be removed, others — to insert, but if the link is broken — people just die. These so-called "bricks" are — "Spirits" — the basis of the philosophy of shamanism. All spirits are conscious they are alive, able to interact with each other, using the factor "time". The life thread — a chain of Spirits, who are related. The length of the procession — for the lifetime of the individual. People who interact with each other, it seems that they accept or reject his opponents, but this is just the result of a person's past, the result of the thoughts (spirits) are at this point in the chain of life. The same "love" — has a delightful perfume lovers meet in the chain of life of two people at some point in life. Slightly shifted chain — and people are not met, love spared.
Perfume, make up the chain of life may have a different length of time (O-O-O — O — O-O-O in the scheme three short time weak spirit replaces strong spirit long time extent, and then — again three weak spirit). What it is, the stronger it is — it means that the man who created in the past, such a strong form — at this point in my life everything is solid, no disease, no fatalities. The weakness of the link, which is expressed in a short length of time for spirits — drops, falls, bad luck — frequent visitors to their lives.
Surely you would agree that the concept of "Spirits", brought to humanity the most ancient religious or we would say "scientific" direction — shamanism — quite by accident. Creatures called shamanism "Spirits" are an integral part of the thread of life of every organism. It can not be! Perfume — a fundamental deep meaning. They make up the thread of life!
Did the ancients of his great discovery? Probably knew that, but when a new religious trends, the emergence of prophets — and thus the construction of the pedestal of Humanity, "Her Majesty's Fate" — the value of the Spirits was negligible. The value of the ancient term "Perfume" was turned into a delusion of our ancestors, and in their place put an artificial concept — not the dividend is not clear, is shrouded in mystery-mask — nothing great — "Destiny".
Only now becoming clear why the ancestors created many of the spirits. You must agree with each of us there is an opportunity to build your life as you want it to us. In any case, as it was before. Now we are asked to follow the beaten track — a barren desert of a single human mind.
With the construction of our future — our spirits — we like using the designer can modify, convert or destroy at once, not only his life, but also the way of life of any person. On the other hand — the religion is coordinating billion, progressive, but the person becomes a grain of sand in the sea of similar creatures.

The choice is yours.

PS: Who has given us the right to say such things? Perfume! They must, like thousands of years ago to take its proper place in our minds.

Andrew Shumin, Sergei Slyadnev
"Mills Shaman"

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