Car plant Ural GAZ Group summed up 2012

According to preliminary reports, the car plant "Ural" "GAZ Group" in 2012, sold more than 7,000 cars. Car factory continued development of the model range of the machinery, and presented promising products: agricultural vehicles carrying capacity of 5-6 tons per chassis "Ural-432065" technology with interchangeable adapters, as well as three-axle flatbed car "Ural-5390".

  • Ural-5390
  • Ural-5390

At the end of the year to keep the lead car plant in Russia-wheel-drive vehicles: The company holds about 40% of the domestic market and produces 250 different modifications of vehicles for oil and gas and power structures. In 2012, 20% in comparison with 2011 has increased the volume of exports to the CIS countries and abroad (South-East Asia, Africa, Latin America) — from 1069 to 1277 cars. In 2012, the factory presented at the XIV Russian Agricultural Exhibition "Golden Autumn-2012" in Moscow a unique perspective agro-purpose vehicle "Ural-432065." "Ural-432065" can be used as a base for mounting removable adapter technology, allowing you to perform a variety of farm work, and is unique among agricultural vehicles manufactured in Russia. Another novelty of the enterprise became a promising three-axis side vehicle "Ural-5390", traction and dynamic properties and parameters of the cross which allow its use in off-road and on public roads in various modes of transport traffic.

Car plant "Ural" is actively upgrading existing line of cars and expanding lineup of products. The company is prepared for release in 2013 of all products environmental class "Euro-4", "Ural" started a project to further improve the consumer properties of automobiles (modernization of the transfer case, the introduction of pneumatic braking system, improving the reliability of drive axles, the introduction of pneumatic control transfer case, improving interior cabin), etc.

Director General Automobile "Ural" "GAZ Group" Victor Corman: "In 2013 we will continue to develop trucks for various sectors of the economy and the national economy. So, we plan to further develop the model range of manufactured equipment and creation on the basis of "Ural" of various types of agricultural machinery with interchangeable adapters. Also in our plans — expanding lineup of all-wheel drive heavy-duty vehicles that meet the requirements of the Ministry of Defence "

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