Car plant Ural has received new equipment

At one of the shops of automotive foundry plant "Ural" "GAZ Group" (Miass, Chelyabinsk region) was put into operation a new furnace transformers manufactured at the production complex "Electrozavod" (Moscow).

Modern transformer improve the reliability of the entire automobile manufacturing equipment. Electric furnace transformer capacity of 5000 kilovol-amp is connected to the furnace DS 5MT number 4, which melts the steel grade 35L arc AC. The new unit is manufactured using modern technologies and innovative materials, is water-cooled and controlled remotely.

Its capacity to power more than a quarter of the old transformer, which will increase the productivity of the electric arc furnace and reduce the time of each heat. As a result, a 10% increase in the number of electric arc furnace smelted liquid metal.

The new equipment is purchased and installed as part of the investment project to replace the furnace transformers in the foundry industry Automobile "Ural", a member of the Russian Union of Mechanical Engineers. Automobile Foundry plant produces more than 300 kinds of products, nearly 12,000 tons of castings per year. Foundry of automobile "Ural" in terms of the existing equipment is considered one of the best in the South Urals.

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