Carbon Black superstar threatens Earth and the solar system?



Apocalyptic mood continued their winning streak on the internet resursam.Vse increasing number of users included in a planetary wait "end of the world", as a result of new scenarios pop up all the events, "the day of judgment." One user posted YouTube video in which convinces the audience that is sent to Earth Carbon Black super star with a planetary system and zakryuchennym carbon cloud. And, supposedly, all of the major disaster of the past have been caused by the arrival of this monster.

Here's what he wrote:

"VIDEO speaks for itself and is very understandable. These are not insignificant little comet Elenin, BUT supermassive black carbon stars CARBON, called in different ways according to the ancients. It 3 to 5 times the mass of our Sun (it is only the mass itself, not including black carbon cloud zakryuchennoe around it). And it inspires terror.
It has 7 main planetary ORBITALS around, including another "star Sun", situated at the position at 6:00. She passed us twice before in history have appeared … biblical flood and the events of the Exodus of Moses. As of June 22, she pulled up next to the star "REGULUS" in the constellation of Leo. I can not list all the details, because it will turn out another video. The star contains the highest oddity because of the cosmic body JUST do not run and do not stop at will. But that's exactly what it does. Science is clear, and the evidence that this massive superstar was here — in the past … In our geological record.

However, there are so many things going on right now, that this information can not fit into one video, so soon there will be other explanations … soon.



In space, namely in our solar system, there are "high strangeness". WE, who conducts these studies, and to understand its signs, are working as fast as we can, to gather all the information and present to the public.

However, because much of what we see, so "outside the walls", we are also constantly find ourselves in a "learning curve". Our eyes can see, but the mind refuses to understand that we face. So please be patient, because we are also only learn, explore and examine incoming data before sharing it with you.

I appeal to anyone who has a decent telescope … dust off and set it up because we have lost our "civilian counterpart" who supplied us with "incoming" information during this time … If we can not track "NEMESIS / LIONIS (Lion)", then we will not know where it is, until it is on the horizon, the U.S., coming from the East.

As I was saying … There are a lot of things that are "out there", and I examine the information as quickly as I can to give it to you. But keep in mind — this is not 'entertainment' is survival. Is not a myth but a fact. It is inappropriate to say, "Maybe it will come" … This is … Coming. And it's not a brown dwarf or a comet. So stop listening to those who pay and those who have been spoon fed misinformation, because all of us will be left to perish, because they do not think to take care of someone. "

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