Carport ambulance service of the Kirov region joined the new reanimation

October 25 at the Kirov Theatre Square ceremonial presentation of the keys to the new ambulances to health facilities in the region 9. For their purchase was spent 20.5 million rubles from the regional budget under the program "The development of the health care system in the Kirov region for 2012-2014".

8 of 9 cars went to the hospital, which are inter-district centers.

New cars are designed for therapeutic interventions emergency resuscitation or forces dedicated team of transportation and monitoring of patients in the prehospital phase.

A year ago, health-care facilities were transferred to 6 new ambulances.

Another addition to the fleet of emergency aid is aimed at improving the treatment of casualties in road accidents, as well as patients in other emergency conditions. Owners of new cars have become Vyatskopolyansky, Soviet, Kotelnichskiy, Yaranskoye, Kirov-Chepetskaya, Zuev, Omutninskoye, Luzsky central district hospitals and aid station Kirov.

All ambulances based on the Ford Transit. They are equipped in accordance with the list of equipment on a vehicle first aid class C. Each machine has a defibrillator, ECG machine, ventilator, surgical elektrootsasyvatel, portable compressor nebulizer, a transport monitor sets to provide intensive care, obstetrics, trauma care, and other equipment.

Two cars that have received aid station and the Soviet Kirov CRH, different sets of machines and mechanical ventilation to provide intensive care. These vehicles are equipped with universal ventilators with advanced functionality for use in the transportation of both adults and children from 5 kg.

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