Chelyabinsk mysterious earthquake

In October of this year, residents of Chelyabinsk complain that sometimes they shake. It is quite strange — according to scientists, natural earthquakes in the city has never been, and in principle can not be. Some researchers believe that the Chelyabinsk land seizures brought to a heat wave this summer.

It seems that this year our country will set a record for natural disturbances in the past ten years. That drought forest fires, volcanoes, then wake up, then … an earthquake. The latter occur in the places where they are supposed not to be. For example, in Chelyabinsk.

From October this year, residents complain that they sometimes shake. For example, October 26, residents of many areas local media reported that the feeling faint tremors. This is how your feelings inhabitant of the house on the street Ship Diana Salimyanova: "The first two I felt a jolt on Sunday, they came with a difference of a minute. On Monday around 8 pm was the same. Our family came from Tashkent, and I know what an earthquake. It happened the same thing. Swinging chandelier, and the room shakes the floor. No this is not the explosions in mines, as they say around. "

According to Chelyabinsk, strange earthquake was felt almost all over the city. Most interesting is that it recorded and scientists. Seismographic station, located in the Sverdlovsk region, indeed recorded groundwater fluctuations. However, quite weak — an amplitude of 1.6 to 2 points. When such shocks no damage occurs. But residents still worried: what if the surface vibrations of effort?

While authorities and Rescue Service are trying to reassure the local population, scientists have puzzled over the cause of this phenomenon. The fact that natural earthquakes in Chelyabinsk was never in principle can not be. The Southern Urals is not in the earthquake zone. Although to call it "passive seismic" too impossible.

This region belongs to the so-called region of small earthquakes with an intensity never reaches 6 points (just under 6 points already may be some damage.) According to the observations of scientists this area from time to time shake, the Southern Urals earthquake mentioned in the XIX century. True, they have not occurred in Chelyabinsk, in the north-west of the region — in Kusy and Chrysostom. Chelyabinsk is himself completely aseismic area, as the city is on a solid granite slab.

Why is weak tremors in the town still occur? The first residents accuse the military, which, utilizing ammunition on Chebarkul training ground, always arrange explosions. However, this happened before, because this practice is very common in the military. But until now, the results of their activities do not cause vibrations ground.

The other "man-made" version is that the earthquake may be the result of blasting in mines and quarries, located near the city. However, the leadership of these objects argues that the fall of 2010 they were not carried out any work, accompanied by powerful explosions. But in order to destabilize the solid granite slab, blast, as you know, has to be very strong.

Some scientists have suggested that perhaps the "Tremors", which saw the townspeople — is residual, which, like an echo, reflected in the city. After about 200 million years ago, the Southern Urals was tectonically active areas. But the earth is not a dead substance, and it can be permanent deformations, which can drag on for tens of millions of years. Yet it is not clear why the echoes such deformations were not observed in this place before, because people live here for a long time.

Perhaps the most interesting version of the proposed candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs Branch SUSU in Satka (Chelyabinsk region) Albert Markov. According to his hypothesis for the cause of earthquakes in Chelyabinsk, the drought that occurred in the summer of this year. According to the scientist, soil and urban structures are in equilibrium as long as some of their components will not be affected, for example, reduces the water content in the soil, it will be weakened — and the building will start to wander.

It is no secret that the current abnormally hot summer has led to a significant drain in Chelyabinsk and its surroundings. As a result, the soil in many parts of the city was severely dehydrated, and as a result of pressure (the so-called pressure that is created inside the rock formations of a liquid, such as water) is significantly decreased.

This, in turn, led to a change in the stress state of soil masses that halloo to one another in some cases, the appearance of weak aftershocks, such as those that took place in Chelyabinsk in the fall. By the way, this hypothesis explains the fact that the earthquake occurred in the regional center at different times and not all over, but only where the above balance was upset. Markov also said that earthquakes will stop, when the city rains that fill the soil with water and restore equilibrium between soil and building projects.

It should be noted that perhaps the heat wave this summer was not the cause, but the "last straw", which, as we know, under certain conditions, can break the camel's back. After the drought in the area marked for the past few years. It is possible that changes in the level of ground water has been gradual, and the current heat only led to more rapid drying of the soil. In such a situation, as you know, the earth under their feet, of course, can pump. Especially if she pressed flats.

However, the author of this hypothesis does not claim absolute accuracy of their umopostroeny. According to him, for a more "scientific" conclusions need careful studies of the hydrogeological plan, and identify the relationship between characteristics of soil foundation and construction projects. Only then can we say anything for sure.

That is why now the city has professional seismologists. Their mission — to establish the exact cause of the oscillations of the crust and develop security measures in connection with the situation. Their research may shed more light on the mysterious Chelyabinsk earthquake …

Anton Evseev

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