Choosing an air rifle

Choosing an air rifleIt's no secret that the air tool is a necessary product of the gun shops. And if it's not so long ago, the windows could behold only Russian rifles and pistols, now the outlets just overwhelmed with pneumatic different brands and types. Simple enough, it is very hard to do choice, especially the first rifle.

Of course, it's somewhat stupid — it choose pneumatic gun in appearance. Many wish that the air rifle like a SVD, and choose a model with a pistol grip and anatomic butt. There are those that acquire a rifle, "Junker" — an exact copy of a Kalashnikov. But the same "Junker" is not eligible to practice shooting because of the low accuracy and low speed bullets, and beautiful appearance very quickly get bored. So successful choice always based on an accurate understanding of the purpose for which this kind of tool is needed.

Air rifles are the following types of design by: spring-piston, compression, gas bottle and PCP. Spring-piston rifles vserasprostraneny more, they are ordinary maintenance, do not require charging and cans of compressed air with carbon dioxide, and before each shot with such tools need to cock the spring. In turn, the spring piston are divided into "perelomki", wherein the spring is cocked lowering down the trunk and trunk models motionless. Naturally, the accuracy of "perelomok" is much less than that of a motionless barreled rifles, but very often the highest capacity.

Compression rifle requires manual pumping pressure in the cylinder before each shot. They own the highest accuracy, but forced the owner of 20 shots much sweat. Demand for these models in recent years has fallen.

Gazobalonnogo rifle cartridges involve the introduction of carbon dioxide. Pros such guns — low weight, good accuracy, rate. Cons — you can not shoot in cold weather, you need to constantly take new cylinders.

Rifles PCP is now in second place, after the spring-piston, on demand. Highest accuracy, high velocity bullets, the lack of effort in cocking — the main properties of these rifles. In principle, it is already present, tool, for which permission is required, and which can be used for hunting. So, for example, umarex dominator — Prof. tool, where you can learn all the skills sniper fire. The main disadvantage of rifles PCP — high price and the need to resolve.

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