Classes in schools of three districts Kolyma canceled because of frost

Tenkinskogo Kolyma district authorities canceled Tuesday classes at the elementary school because of the cold minus 50 degrees and below the previous day were therefore temporarily closed schools and Susumanskiy Srednekansky districts, told RIA Novosti the EMERCOM Russia's Magadan region.

"In Tenkinskiy near minus 49, students do not learn from the first to the fourth class. Srednekanskaya near minus 50, where students of all classes do not learn. Susumanskiy In Tuesday's minus 52, it is the coldest region in Kolyma, and so there are other limitations canceled classes for pupils from first to ninth grades, "- told the agency.

According to him, the exact date of the resumption of classes in schools is not yet known. Each day, the authorities, based on data forecasters make a decision about which classes students should stay home.

Pyatidesyatigradusnye frosts in Kolyma brought anticyclone dominates the Pole of Cold — Oymyakon in Yakutia, told RIA Novosti Kolyma meteorologist weather forecasts.

"In the coming days, warming is not expected, and in the continental areas of the region will stand pyatidesyatigradusnye frosts. According to our forecasts, and by the end of the week, most likely, not warmer," — said the interviewee.

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