Climate change is becoming more dangerous



The last decade — one of the hottest on record for climate change. The global surface temperature during this period was about 0.45 degrees above the average for the 1961-1990 figure of 14.2 degrees Celsius. And in 2012 the results of the average temperature of the first 10 months was in the top ten warmest years.



The area of sea ice in the Arctic has updated the record low. These data are presented in the report by the UN Conference on Climate Change in Qatar, the WMO (World Meteorological Organization).

Representatives of 190 countries in the Doha decide the fate of the Kyoto Protocol, and the head of WMO, Michel Jarraud has sounded the alarm. He is convinced that the increasing rate of melting Arctic ice — the result of large-scale changes that occur in the oceans and the terrestrial biosphere. Jarraud links this trend to the continued growth of greenhouse gas emissions:

"This trend is becoming more dangerous — he says — a visual proof of that — the melting of Arctic sea ice, which is accelerated by the global rise in temperature."

Become more powerful and hurricanes. In the Atlantic hurricane season for the third consecutive year, more active than usual. During this time, there zaregistrirovans 19 storms, 10 of which developed into hurricanes.

At a conference in Qatar, scientists have noted that the average temperature on the surface of the globe is growing exactly as predicted by the United Nations, and that the warming effect is increased by one-third due to increased volumes of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This, in their opinion, said that the threat of global warming is not at all exaggerated.

Among the major air pollutants known as greenhouse gases and aviation industry. However, in a global economic slowdown to persuade the U.S. and China to further restrict the production of extremely hard.

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