Complain to the CEC and CEC


The Central Election Commission receives complaints about violations of the electoral law in collecting signatures for presidential candidate Alexander Lukashenko. And today, Prosecutor General of Belarus to the complaint and the commission itself.

Secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lozovik today in a conversation with "Freedom" said complaints to the CEC received a bit. However, he confirmed the receipt of the complaint by the initiative group of the incumbent. She sent another contender for the highest public office — Nyaklyayeu. In a video message to the CEC stated that the signatures of Alexander Lukashenko gather people who are not members of the initiative group. Also recorded the collection of signatures in places where it is prohibited by law.

CEC secretary said that he personally was interested in contacting Vladimir Neklyaeva:

"We are studying the materials that are presented Mr. Nekljaev. Those I have carefully reviewed the video footage are attached to the complaint. One of the facts — that are near GUM signature gatherers without licenses — has already been examined in the city election commission. And three other videos show , that there there are no violations. "

Although the CEC secretary said that complaints have been few in the leadership of the Belarusian United Left Party "Fair World" said that the Central Election Commission has already written several letters. For example, the illegal registration of the initiative group of Alyaksandr Lukashenka, by failing to include in the capital Electoral Commission deputy head of the party Valery Ukhnalev, violated the law by collecting signatures in support of the incumbent. This is "Radio Liberty" said Secretary of the Party Central Committee Elena Skrigan.

She says that in the case of Valery Ukhnalev leadership of the party appealed to the CEC twice since vysvyatlyalisya new facts:

"For us it's Central Committee said that we are on the correspondence this issue close. And today we have sent a complaint to the Prosecutor General to the letter of the CEC. She had no right to us so to answer because we have laid out new facts this matter. "

Meanwhile initiative groups of ten presidential candidates, who overcame required to register 100000th abroad, continue to take the petitions for review to the district election commission.

Yaroslav Romanchuk, the candidate of the United Civil Party, today, personally recorded the paper in the administration of the Central district of the capital. He said that the attitude of today, like yesterday in Nyasvizh where the bidder also handed the signature on the check was "emphatically polite":

"You meet, was asked what and how. Said that together make history. Elaborately polite attitude to what we do. Maybe because the photo and camera were? But in other parts of the people who rented the signature attitude it was good. "

As reported by "Freedom", the CEC and district election commissions should be to verify the quality of signatures within ten days.

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