Considered a failed experiment

In celestial laboratory — is meeting. It gathered all known and unknown gods to humanity, in order to solve a very important and urgent problem.
What to do with the object № 576096867460986098568684069845-609568-8
Code-named "Earth" state, which inspired with serious concerns.

— Well, doeksperementirovalsya? — In the eyes of Svarog is anger gave way to acrimony.
-Obedenitel! What you've done something! Convicting finger poked into the smoky veil covering the once blue ball.
Yahweh grimly hanging his head, standing in front of, behind his broad back hiding what little understanding, but always ready to sacrifice himself for Jesus.

Cover was nothing.
— Believe parasite "you told me just a few thousand years for the experiment daaaaaa …" what?
Where is your happiness for the same? Where is your world, that "in theory can not exist without the basic components?" Where, I ask?
— But I wanted to ….
— "What's the best?" Well, well. And in what a perverted dream you are "better dream? And what it is?
Maybe the fact that you cast out the spirits of nature, that is left in the streams of the soul, and in the air force? The fact that the land has ceased to be a mother, father and the sun?

In fact, of all the deities for the people there was only you?
But what about you good?
What gave you instead of the lost unity of the world? What you wanted to kill, betray, mocking and flushing entrusted to you people?
In the beginning you have made a promise to the Jews kings?
I understand if you were weak, and you desperately needed supporters.
But that, after so many thousands of years it has become the only krovischi your achievement!
I think it's too much.
Incidentally, the open secret: other people do not want Jewish kings.

You say that all your actions were aimed at unity?
Unity in the name of what?
In the name of unity?
And is it better than personality?

After all, despite the receipt, in the experiment, unlimited power over the object — Svarog again poked a tight ball of smoke. — You do not even reached the level of the lower deities of the pantheon.
Even the mermaids on the creature is small, and those — keep water clean, and you — by sleight of hand Svarog globe approached, increased in size and became a prominent black pipe, throwing into rivers and lakes oily smelly muck — your job?

— It is their choice — muttered sullenly Yahweh — I do not restrict freedom.
-What!! Oh you …. — Svarog nearly choked with rage — oh you change vrulivaya. Well it means, how to kill millions of people just for having dared to doubt that he is the "best" so this it can, but as a dirty trick to stop — "freedom of choice".
But freedom of choice was the people and the beginning of your experiment.
And — much more.
Because they then had options to choose from.
People were able to see the world, which God could choose to follow as to which standards to develop their identities. It was a truly diverse unity. And no one felt better or worse than another, otherness perceived as a matter of course.

And what is the freedom of choice do you have? In blunt choice "for or against." "Who is not with us is against us"?
How much energy you spent on it to inflate the infamous "War of the faith."
How much energy, resources, and lives ditched out to teach people to curry favor before you, feel the value in terms of obedience to you.

You even managed to give birth to a son-masochist. You created it in order to finish him off with a large gathering of people. To set an example, "sacrifice to you." To teach the "right" put lives at your feet.

— God is love. — Frightened squeak standing behind Jesus Yahweh.

— Oh! But he is also saying — despite the anger, Svarog laughed — well, well, tell us about the young man, what do you know about love?

-God is love — pribodrilsya Jesus. He obviously flattered that my father is not terrible, and it, the lamb slain asked about the important things — God is love. Love God … Love your neighbor ..
Exhaling a phrase in one spirit, Jesus proudly raised his head, waiting for approval.

-Is that all? Svarog laughed again. And all this, my son, what can you say about love?

— God is love — Jesus was confused, he clearly did not understand what they wanted from him — love your neighbor … You shall love your God …

— Yeah — Svarog stopped laughing — there is this anecdote:
"- What's your name
— Vova!
— And who you want to become?
— Astronaut
— What time is it
— Vova
— What are you stupid?
— Cosmonaut "
Sad anecdote

Svarog face became serious again.

— So, my son — he asked to Jesus — to know what love is we must first know the beauty, the beauty of nature, the beauty of the sky, the beauty of the ice streams and hot deserts. The beauty of a woman lover and beauty of a woman mother. Beauty male warrior, and the beauty of men caring family head. Learn the beauty of the birth of life and the beauty of death.

You do not know it all.
You're just a puppet of his father, learned the two phrases, and sent to significant die.

You can say that love is the same and the ability to sacrifice?
I agree.
Loving can sacrifice themselves for the sake of someone he loves.
For example, Prometheus (I hope your dad told you about this great Titan?).
Prometheus, knowing that he will condemn to be afflicted, it is still brought fire to people.
Because the fire they needed.

And you?
What did you bring to people?
Forgiveness from his father?
The promise that if the Pope is going to kill you, then do not kill them?

And do not you think that this problem is a bit far-fetched. And, we can even say, artificially formed to intimidate and lead to obedience.
— Here — Svarog pointed at the ball — there are similar guys. They are, as only find oil in a country, so just start to "save" the country from terrorists, with which and are local residents.

And this, in your opinion, has to do with the word "love"?
Though what I'm saying to you? You, doll created with sole purpose — to be tortured to death by his own daddy.

You raised his act of sacrifice in the absolute.
Created from the regular version of the solution of certain characters correctly.
Made a sacrifice not a tool, but an end in itself and self-worth, podvignuv prone to hysteria enjoy the fact of sacrifice …

But it is not love, son. This masochism.

"Beloved," a "nearby" indiscriminately and without reason and without any other motivating factors — idiocy.
One way to tightly close your eyes to the surrounding, throwing themselves into hysteria causeless "love."
But this is not love. This is hysterical. On the verge of hysterics vicious hatred.
"Love, or throw into hell"
And what are the results?

Svarog again pointed to the planet. Results worthy of teaching.
What do we have there?

Crap habitat.
Certainly not in that, that, according to your — Svarog pointed a finger at a time to Yahweh and Jesus — teaching your people on the ground temporarily. It is only to change "leap to a better life"? So they belong to the earth as the platform. Spat, threw the butt … still I do not here, and this is … well, somebody get .. probably …

And the way in which you learn how to earn their ticket?
Muslims slaughter Christians, Muslims, Christians slaughtered for it to gain favor in your eyes. Prophets, leading to you, prepare to self-immolation and mass starvation umoreniyu followers. Exalted suicide with the word "love" on his lips, "they come to you," hoping that you "forgive" them.

Speaking of forgiveness. And for what, exactly?
"For all"??

So you managed to forgive them for all on demand?
I realize this is certainly a good way to earn a lot of supporters, but what are the results of this "forgiveness"?

Final loss of humanity and personal responsibility. Instead of adults and strong people sheer hysterical "no longer buuuuuduuuuu …" and, of course, further irresponsible behavior.

In general, I think everyone would agree with me, ladies and gentlemen, the experiment research assistant Yahweh and his homunculus Jesus will fail.

Yahweh to return to her work supervisor of the Arabian desert.
Control over the object № 576096867460986098568684069845-609568-8 code-named "Earth" translated according to staffing. Gods back to the Pantheon, the spirits of nature and the elements — to their seats. At 6.00 the heavenly begin operation "rebirth."

Land relief, and mutilated yahvistskimi experiments of mankind, once again anxiously holding their breath.


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