Corriere della Sera: incident based in Iran and Belarus missiles

On the Iranian military base Khorramabad was an explosion, which killed not only the "guardians of the Islamic Revolution," but vaevniki Lebanese movement "Hizbul" — by diplomatic sources, victims learn to apply delivered from Belarus anti-aircraft missiles.

About the incident, which occurred at the Iranian military base, reports Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera".

"According to Iranian officials, the explosion was an unhappy accident. In turn opposition claims of sabotage as the cause of the accident. Meanwhile leadership of the Revolutionary Guards does not exclude that the cause could be a technical problem, and therefore intends to apply to the delivery — Belarus ", — writes the newspaper Guido Alimpiy.

"This Eastern European countries after the signing of the treaty in 2009Iranians have begun to sell Russian weapons instead: Moscow initially promised to put the ayatollahs modern missile system S-300, but later refused to diplomatic considerations "- reminds the author of the article.

"According to available information, Iran has already received various types of missiles, which were then transferred to the Lebanese ally -" Hizbul. "In the list includes 20 missiles" Arrow 2 ", two systems" SA 16 ", three" SA 15 "and one" SA 18 . "In Washington, with great concern the continuous flow of arms to the movement of" Hezbollah. "Americans are worried that Liban may become the new theater of military conflict," — emphasizes the «Corriere della Sera».

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