Cuba freezes: local residents take out the warm clothes

A cold front came to Cuba over the weekend, bringing with it wind and night temperatures drop to 5-10 degrees residents unaccustomed heat. Local radio urged Cubans to get warm clothes.

Institute of Meteorology reported a "winter weather conditions in large parts of the country." According to forecasters, the temperature less than 10 degrees were recorded last night at 20 meteorological stations, Cuba. Minimum temperature recorded in the province Mayabeke — 4 degrees above zero and in the province of Matanzas — 5.8 degrees. Meanwhile, in Havana on Monday night the temperature does not drop below 11.9 degrees.

Institute of Meteorology said that "this situation is caused by the influence of migration on the island of the anticyclone, which is accompanied by weight of dry and cold air." But forecasters say that this winter the average temperature only 1.8 degrees below normal at this time of year.

According to forecasts, on Monday afternoon in Havana and Varadero resorts continue "cloudy and cool weather to 26 degrees Celsius" (which is slightly above the temperature of the water in the ocean). Meanwhile, local radio urged Cubans to get the kind of thing that usually they need only a few times a year. The lowest temperature was recorded in Cuba February 16, 1996 in the town of Havana under Baynoa: then thermometer showed only 0.6 degrees Celsius.

In the winter months, Cuba remains an attractive destination for tourists from the Nordic countries. In 2012 it was visited by a record number of foreigners — 2.83 million. Tourists still prefers beach vacation in Varadero, Sayo-Santa Maria, Cayo Coco. Meanwhile, rapidly evolving and new areas: environmental or recreational tours, travel to participate in international symposia, knowledge of the cultural and historical heritage of Cuba.

Second consecutive year, the list of countries from where most tourists arrive, led by Canada. An increasing number of visits from the UK, Germany, Argentina, France, Italy, Chile, China, Brazil. Russians in Cuba attracted the safety and hospitality of its people. Last year the number was also a record — 86.94 thousand (an increase of one and a half times as compared with 2010).

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