Dancing Stones Hyperborea

With this incomprehensible phenomenon we encountered for the first time — and in areas where last year made an intensive search. There are mountains in the Lovozero strange land: on the tops of ridges covered with lush vegetation suddenly come across the clearing-prolysiny on which nothing grows. Imagine: a round emerald moss or, on the contrary, clear as unbleached linen, moss, below — poluprohodimye taiga or swamp. And here — the hard-packed sand beds (one — up to 100 meters long and 20 meters wide), dotted with large boulders and small rocks. Some form ordered the circular shape like cromlechs on individual rocks — signs and symbols: oblique crosses, tridents, triangles, swastikas. Detected even scratched primitive drawing humanoid creatures with huge eyes, jokingly nicknamed alien (image size 19 cm in stone size 30 cm).

And this year, some of the stones are shifted or even upside down. And for the past quite clear and deep trace shows that this event occurred recently, maybe even before. Tops of the ridges themselves mysterious flat, they do not have any ramps water — rain or snow — which may sometimes on the way to crush and such stones. On elastic large as gravel, sand, are expressive traces of man, deer, hares, foxes, and even a bear. But shifted around boulders no trace at all. What is going on silent Lovozero hills? What drama is played out in the absence of people? Not for nothing because cryptic sites were called shamanistic shrines! And inevitably reminded of a very common everywhere Sami legend of the sacred Seydou — flying stones. And the whole Lapland long figuratively named in the volatile country of stone (V.V.Charnolussky). True, found everywhere shifted stones — rather, dancing or dancing stones. Here's a peek, as it happens. But Hyperborea reluctantly shares with his age-old secrets …

In what has been said, we have seen once again when once again tried to find a sacred Lappish hole into the ground, which in 1922 managed to photograph the expedition A.V.Barchenko. Passage into the underworld aroused people approached him anxiety and even fear. Miraculously preserved on photos is visible runs underground, like a den, around him rather sloping settled members of the famous expedition. However, our persistent efforts to find a mysterious hole after 75 years of complete failure.

This year I gave up on mass combing the nearby neighborhood, so to speak, square-cluster method, and began to think logically. Barchenko and his people did not go beyond a single large meadow on the banks Seydozero (they are running out early onset of winter and the fierce hurricane gust), where in those days in the huts, lived vezhe Lapp family later settled fishing cooperative, and the last two years based expedition "Hyperborea ". Hence, the sacred hole somewhere nearby. The only appropriate place — the crowning clearing colorful hill-Barak, similar to the ancient town (it is her first supposed "gaps" in the coming year geophysical instruments). Once upon a sloping hill slopes covered with mighty spruce, such as those depicted in the photo Barchenko. Then they were cut down and now that time resemble a huge stumps (individual — a half circumference). Some had become a mound covered with lush moss and blueberry.

Now Barak grew young forest. At its foot, just before the release of the clearing, an ancient and ends like a paved road and is a huge, flat and almost square stone. Its area — 310 x 290 cm To determine the thickness. I had to dig out one of the corners. Measuring 21 cm showed once granitoid slab completely raised above the surface (now sunk into the ground), which allowed Alexander Kondiain — fellowsoldier Barchenko, calculate the route of the whole expedition — to name her in his diary the sacrificial altar. So it seems, and it was based on the iconic character of the surrounding landscape.

Another question: what force underwent a multi-ton plate and gently put him across the old road? Indeed, in the nearby district of no similar species, so the mountain-Bedan plate could slide or roll down. Again involuntarily image flying stone. Or, perhaps, by levitating antigravity effects? Not on the basis of such a developed their flying abilities ancient Hyperboreans? It is likely, I thought, that the altar is just associated with the elusive underground manhole. What are the victims (and who) makes you here Hyperborean and more recent times? If the hole is buried or blown up (this assumption is expressed), it still should be kept near any traces, signs, hints …

Side of the mountain before the altar stone is almost exactly match what captured on photos Barchenko — only instead of old young firs. And I began to climb the mountain — perpendicular to the roadside stove — experiencing surging suddenly nowhere extraordinary enthusiasm. Heart pounding, chest squeezed. Thirty steps up — and I got a recess overgrown with moss, its configuration and location on the slope is quite reminiscent strewn hole. But this is not enough. There must be some evidence, at least hints. Yes here they are! Under his feet gleamed white semitransparent stain — just has requested ice milk. I teased Moss pointed stick — and before the astonished eyes opened sugar face big — the size of a brick — a piece of quartz. More effort — and a heavy "brick" in my hands.

Wafted something ancient and unknown. At a party at a certain angle and light from the inside the contours of the human face. Stared — as if I did, but without the glasses. And that hour of deep memory surfaced secret and innermost subgoal Barchenko expedition. Together with Kondiain, while still in Petrograd, they got information on the history of Hyperborea (most ancient name of the ancient country of the north is not used), the contents of an ancient highly developed knowledge and based on the technologies, as well as the location of the remains of the marginal Arctic continent, dead into the ocean , in some secret Masonic sources (used them and Roerich, who planned an expedition to the East), dating, however, is the oldest and original documents from the archives of nearly Alexander the Great. The latter, in the Middle Ages, were allegedly the Templars, and after the destruction and prohibition orders were available to other secret societies. They are stored somewhere and still …

So, according to the Hyperborean-Templar legends, in those places where the expedition arrived Barchenko should be hidden is the greatest relic of all ages and nations — the Holy Grail, or stone with Orion. The fact that the Grail — not the cup and the cup, namely, "Lust stone", granting intimate knowledge and immortality, knew and understood more famous medieval poet Wolfram von Eschenbach, who described in detail the facts known to him in a vast poem "Parsifal":

Grail — is a stone of a special breed:
Lapsit exillis — translation
Our language has not.
It emits a magic light …
(Translated by Lev Ginzburg)

Stone, which I held in my hands, no light is emitted. However, the involvement of the magic, or rather — to unearthly, did not disappear. So what did I find? News from the other world, which so far is not going to make contact, but denies that this is possible in the future? I do not know how to answer this question. Nevertheless perceive the find as smysloznachimy sign as well (in any case not hostile!) Hope for future progress towards the goal.

This season saw the other interesting discoveries. Search team led by archaeologist Alexander Prokhorov (V.Derkach, A.Evdokimov, M.Malikov) found on Mount Ninchurt ruined religious buildings with two tetrahedral felled columns. Previously, we did not come across such as addition of the individual carefully processed, but strongly weathered pieces (which in itself testifies about more than old age), on the ground they looked like neatly sliced sausage loaf 3 meter size. Next — hex clatter, large granitoid hewn beams that form the foundation, and the similarity of stages ending flat rectangular area. On plates scattered around — traces of man-made processing: semi-oval cutouts diameter of 40 cm, clearly intended for floors made of logs. Newly discovered monument fits perfectly in the complex of the sanctuary of the Great Goddess, concentrated in "mezhgrude" Ninchurt mountains, which translates to a woman's breasts.

V.N.Demin, Ph.D.

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