Death of fish in the river Samara

We already reported about the mass death of fish in the village of Samara Pavlograd district and that the Commission, with the participation of representatives of regional environmental services to find out who is guilty of what happened, and calculated the loss caused to the state.

Now what happened to emergency law enforcement prosecuted.

One would think that after this tragedy on the river Samara should not be repeated. But it took only two weeks, and on 1 October rybinspektoru Igor Vrabie one fisherman said, again in the village of Samara whole river from 9 am become as white as milk. And his assistants and the chairman of the village council, Ivan Bogdanov Garden rybinspektor immediately went to the scene.
What he saw horrified. Yellow-white river was covered with dead and another pops up half-dead fish. Crawled to shore crabs and clams. Only huge frogs frolicking in the water, as if nothing had happened. And he went to the river suffocating odor of feces and hydrogen sulfide. This was observed in the river for more than 6 km.
Caused rybinspektorom MOE representatives, Ternovskaya treatment facilities, environmental services of the city and PAO DTEK 'Pavlogradugol', examining the place of emergency, drew up a report about the incident, made withdrawal of water from the river in a few places for laboratory testing.
Produced by rapid laboratory analysis of water taken from the river on the site of fish kills has shown that it is almost completely absent of oxygen.

The same analysis of water taken from the river at 1 km upstream from the pipe Ternovskii treatment plants has shown that it is correct.
It is not difficult to draw conclusions about who the culprit fish kills. October 2 scene examined Head Regional Fisheries Butov Alexander, head of ichthyology Igor Uschapovsky, chief ecologist PAO DTEK "Pavlogradugol" Vladislav Vernigora.

Let's hope that after making the calculation of the damage suffered, in the end, the perpetrators of environmental disaster if not punished, or at least stop the poison maligned river. Well, the fish are no longer in Samara soon divorced. Fishermen have to be content with some frogs.
Pavlograd, TN-Express

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