Death trap of a dying sea … Reality and fiction

December 22, 2011 9:41

The Aral Sea, Barsa-KelmesEarly in the last century, the number of Kazakh settlements on the banks of the Aral Sea, moved for the winter on the island. But by the spring gales destroyed the ice bridge, and people were not able to come back. In the most common version, they and their livestock was left without water, perished. However, the exact information about the fate of the missing no.

There are stories about people who were on the island drifts fate or curiosity. They were suddenly covered unbearable fear, and, abandoning their belongings, they ran away with a mysterious island.

In ancient times, the island is often served as a refuge for escaped slaves who went from Khiva and Old Urgench. Only there was fresh water attracts all living things. Including people. Fugitives who served at sea, returning to their native land and was surprised to learn that in their absence were not months, but years. The aged villagers hardly recognize their long-lost neighbors and relatives.

Before all this saw the machinations of the evil spirit, according to legend lived on the Barca-Kelmes, today in the "disappearance" of time "blame" aliens …

There were some unfortunate events on this piece of land in the last century. With geodetic expedition arrived in the 60s on the island, in order to identify the strange events, something strange happened.

It was so. Part of the group went inland. Local residents have refused to accompany scientists tried to dissuade from the campaign, explaining that the island is notorious for a reason. To the center of the plateau surveyors arrived in the morning. After a while the sky sucked not haze, not the mirage, radio stopped doing nothing, just a receiver or transmitter, but the indicator light on the scale burning. In 40 minutes haze dissipated, the connection is restored. And immediately followed by a call from the left on the shore. It turns out that in the last 40 minutes gone in … day and night. On returning to the ship revealed that all returnees wrist clock is 40 minutes.

Greetings from pterodactyl

The history told by an old fisherman Nurpeis Baizhanova. His grandfather and father, fished around the island once Sudzhok (formerly Barca-Kelmes), saw the "white stone, lying high above the sea cliff coast, hatched devil — the size of a calf, the wings more sails, the beak longer himself, yes … with teeth. " Frightened fishermen left the island, waving his hand at a dried fish that were caught all summer and left in a deserted place.

Winter on the island migrated village, and in the spring father and grandfather, went to the island, not found there are neither people nor animals, neither the living nor the dead, only three empty tent with things. In one of them on the floor lay the corpse of "Satan." Monster "looked like huge bats, but he had a huge mouth, stretched, as bird's beak. In the Mouth of sticking sharp as fangs, teeth inclined forward. Long and very thin tail … "

Bayzhanov showed tooth being passed to him by his father before he died. It was a tooth — a real tooth, just a strange shape and unusual size. The find was fresh, not buried for millions of years, and accidentally found. Part with teeth Bayzhanov not added, but allowed him to photograph the scientists who sent the pictures in the Paleontological Museum, and there is a tooth identified as belonging to dinosaurs Pteranodon pterodactyls from the squad which became extinct about 145 million years ago.

So far in these areas there are persistent rumors that the 30-ies on the Barca-Kelmes lost an entire expedition. However, one of the participants in the end got to the settlement, three months, and was immediately sent to a psychiatric hospital because he assured everyone that he stayed on the island for three days only. What happened to the other members of the expedition, he could not tell. Right tale of Koblandy Batyr and Seven Knights! In it the legendary hero, pursued numerous enemies, thrown into the sea and swims to the enchanted island. There he slept soundly for three days and three nights, and returned home, she learned that there was no thirty-three. All of his former rivals turned gray old men, and a girlfriend — an old woman.

BASE aliens

In 1970, Barca-Kelmes to check rumors of unusual event was sent a special unit: military boat with a dozen gunmen and three officers on board. The sky was clear, but the island swirled shroud of fog. The military had a task to examine and explore the island, checking messages on numerous witnesses observed a strange sight on the island.

Suddenly the fog lifted, and the military saw in front of a tall fence. They were very surprised, because no fence is not meant to be. Major, who led the operation, ordered to hold a gun at the ready, and walked right up to the fence. Behind him he could see the ball five meters in diameter, shimmers in the sun a dull silvery sheen. Near the object were three low "people" dressed in silvery suits. The belt each of them hung weapon resembling a strange-looking guns.

The military decided to neutralize strangers. Major gave the team and squad rushed to the glittering ball. People behind him, grabbed his gun, but began to retreat. Military, pursuing them, found in the rock cave entrance. Small tunnel led them in a well-lit room. In the center was a control panel, located around long tables with strange equipment. Behind them were dressed in dark suits huge creatures more than two meters tall. And strolled along the tables stunted beings in silvery suits.

Seeing people, dwarfs tried to grab weapons. Several of them were injured, but two-meter creatures were immune. Then the war came to the conclusion that it was a bio-robots. In the end, people had to withdraw.

Contactee Igor Pavlenko, who spent about a day on the island and watched the strange light phenomena, believes that there is an alien base. It was probably equipped with a powerful power generators, it was he who was responsible for all the anomalies that occurred with the equipment and hours, as well as appearing in the ears of the people of noise when they wander into the central part of the Barca-Kelmes.

Scientists are wondering whether there is not an island in the Aral, as well as a Lada, the Bermuda Triangle, Loch Ness and other mysterious corners of the Earth, and another pair of our world? This assumption explains the wonders of Barca-Kelmes — time gaps, the resurrection of extinct monsters, missing persons, appearance and disappearance of "military base" …

Marina Nikitina

And further there is another song …

Stories fandom look obliquely.

The first story.

"Koblandy Batyr the leopard-Kelmes."

Dedicated fan clubs MSU G.Neverovu personally.

"And Nessie there, by chance, is not usual? And that

UFO is, the Bermuda Triangle, too … I

painfully beautiful story emerges … "

 G.Neverov (letter)

Why did I start my "Skew stories" with Barca-Kelmes? Not only because it is one of the most heinous hoaxes performed with minimal effort. And not even because, after this drawing I ever lost faith in UFOs, the Bermuda Triangle and the aliens from "the beautiful far." The main reason is that intelligent, but stubborn Gregory Neverov as often as every six months reminds me of the oath set out all on paper. I endearing — because thanks to the persistence and Neverova emerged from darkness Koblandy batyr.

Swam right on the shore of the island of Barsa-Kelmes …

Year, as he recalled, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-eighth. Another Union. More energy is enough for practical jokes, and scholarships — to correspondence and tickets to Sverdlovsk. President svezhevylupivshegosya KLF "Alpha Pegasi" Sergei Lukyanenko enthusiastic neophyte sending letters to fan clubs. And so, in a cool December evening, in the President a letter from Moscow. Of MSU fan clubs! It sounds like something! Washing his hands, the president unpacks letter and reads:

"… We overheard stories of unexplained phenomena, allegedly took place from 60 years to one of the surveying expeditions to the island of Barsa-Kelmes in the Aral Sea … Now our section on this topic is gathering information … We are particularly interested in the article by Novozhilov" Mystery Island Barca-Kelmes ", published in 1959 …"

Frankly, I was at a loss. Sum Moscow fans? Unthinkable! And to help them with the information? How? The club ten teenagers and five occasionally Shaver "young people." Enthusiasm is reduced mainly to reading, writing and attempts to role-playing games (not on the ground, and in words). Either you have to run yourself, or … At this point, a friend came to see me in the club Grisha Savic. I told him about the letter, and said with a sigh:

— What to do? Let's try to help?

— Y-yes, — slightly stuttering, Grisha said. — M-we kkonechno, most b-close to the Aral Sea.

The idea was clear and concise. Kazakhstan — the country is huge, and can cover a bull sheep not only Switzerland, but also a couple of impressive. To the Aral Sea from us … And about the ill-fated "sea" — less nowhere. Environmental rattle has not started, and no one remembers these parts … I wistfully looked through the letter and said:

—  You see you still doubt the veracity of the legends of the Barca-Kelmes. Mistrustful. A reporter joked thirty years ago, and we are now …

I looked up and met the gaze burning Grishin. Savic, as I tried to write, and from any creativity comes in exaltation.

— Why, n-no?

The idea came instantly. Maybe even both at once in the head, but Grisha, tight stuttering was less rastoropen achieve priority.

— Legend! — I cried. — The ancient Kazakh tale! The Mystery Island Will you-don't-come back! Koblandy Batir, Aldar Kose and spirits of the island! Flying saucers, plesiosaur in the waves of the Aral Sea, snowmen in the steppes of Kazakhstan!

— P-aliens from the future, Mr. visitors from the stars …

The evening begins work out. Of NC (broken fridge, who served warehouse rubbish) was recovered-ounce flask of alcohol. Of the products … Oh. Of products, and solid and liquid, there was only milk. But the big liter bottle. For inspiration, we turned over the collection of Folk tales, pulling out nuggets original idioms and layers of primitive idiocy. They sat down side by side, in front of my old typewriter "Moscow", which read everything published to date. And get to work …

"In the long-predavnie times when my grandmother's grandmother was still a girl, lived in the same village batyr mighty …"

I can not share the text of the tale and its Grishin half. Now, having already some experience in collaboration, I see that the night could have been born a new duet writers not to Brayder Chadovichem (ABS as an example will not take it too …), not the Ilf and Petrov. Alas … Dohlebyvaya recent throat alcohol-milkshake flavored sugar (without even knowing it, we invented something like milk liqueur), we re-read his opus. First expressed concern Gregory:

—  And it does not hurt to be — stopped by intoxication stutter, asked Gregory, — for the national pride of the Kazakh people?

— D-for what? — Stuttering kokteylchik milk, I asked.

Gregory explained.

I said that any people, and the Kazakh and Russian, and even Tuvan, would carry on our hands for such a contribution to our culture. Anyway, this story forever enshrined priority Kazakhs in time travel.

Gregory agreed, said he was going to wash up, and went out to the balcony. I'm a little nap, then went to find a sponsor, but the kitchen was not. (In the morning I found him sleeping in a chair in the hallway. Deed from him stupid, because it was still around two empty rooms and three beds).

Yes, young and innocent we were at that time … The fledgling piano fans of Asian heartland. A few days later, thoughtfully looking through our "fairy tale", I felt a creative itch in his right index finger (the fact that I'm typing with one finger, thereby

forefinger). The result was a document itch "From conversations with local residents," the signature of a Sergent Egimbaeva.

Thus was launched the machine grand hoax. More decisive was the fact that the conduct of correspondence took over Gregory Neverov (not my friend Alma-Ata and Moscow, known fandom). He was clearly more enthusiastic and trusting man than harsh T.Berezina.

After receiving a letter from Neverov, I was slightly crestfallen:

"… Update on Leopard-Kelmes received from our colleagues in Alma-Ata, it is extremely interesting. With its light, we have come to a conclusion about whether "reconnaissance" trips … "

Looks like it's time was drawing to apologize. I was, as I could to delay this moment. For this, I periodically soothed Muscovites promise of new materials, got the original letter Dzholdasbekova in Kazakh. (If the Moscow knew how difficult it was at that time to find a Kazakh, fluent in their native language and who can write on it! And then get him to translate from Russian into Kazakh stupid text … And then three days to carry a letter in the back pocket of jeans (Asia ! Summer! heat!) so that it has become kind of fishing. final step was

Wrap letter vkusnyuschey smoked mackerel. If Neverova Gregory was at the time the cat, the original letter probably did not survive — it smelled so badly.)

So, following the promise of a job, I began to prepare for the arrival of the expedition of the Moscow fans. Sorry to be honest, they did not come. Was ready conductor — Timka Rymzhanov from the club that can weave with a straight face the wildest stories and bring down the orientation of a group of tourists even in the Kazakh steppes. Experiments were carried out on the aging of paper and making artifacts.

One of them, bearing the proud name "piece antitemporalnoy shell", still lying on my balcony. I do not know how he would have served as a time machine skin and nails to straighten it well.

And here, in this serene period Muscovites showed diamond atintsam the capital efficiency. Late in the evening to me burst into pale Grisha Savic and handed «TM» N 3/91. On page 48, I saw …

"The Island," Will you go-no-return. "

"We believe that the resulting material was a bid to host the All-Union Scientific-fiction expedition …"

"G.Novozhilov describes a conversation with an old fisherman Nurpeis Baizhanova … His father and grandfather … saw the" white stone "hatched … Satan … Tooth identified as belonging Pteranodon …"

"Missing the whole expedition … was immediately sent to a mental hospital, because he assured everyone that he stayed on the island for three days …"

I wiped the cold sweat. Thank God, yet we do not talk about it … That's it!

"We get in touch with fan clubs of Almaty. From our Kazakh brothers … "

Somehow the names of Kazakh brothers — Lukyanenko and Savic — were not identified. I was offended.

"It has long and carefully studying the local folklore …"


"… Aral option spread tales of Koblandy Batyr and seven heroes …"

— And seven brothers! — I cried. — Not on the seven heroes, you do not Pushkin!

"The Enchanted Island described … to local folklore, unusual …"

— Normally described — resentfully said Savic.

Then the fisherman went letter — this time not in the retelling. As we were laughing over this text … "We passed the island when we flew bearing …" (In the notes for internal use stated — "flew to the north-east"). "The work there for an hour or so until the evening on the right …" "… like our home sheepfolds, only iron-chipped." "Tanks … like a flying saucer." "Antenna welded … twisted corkscrew … for some reason, it is inserted into a transparent tube." "The site is bright, though lights could be seen. They're probably hidden somewhere were. "

I grabbed his head. In print the anecdotal, the implausibility of text, "stand", visible bright bright. Although lamps and could not see.

— "The Barca-Kelmes stupid things happen, but there is still the military has not been seen," — quoted suddenly Grisha. And went into poluistericheskom laughter. And I was close to repentance.

At night I had nightmares. "Aelita", where Muscovites angry talk about drawing. Bugrova reproachful face. Indefinite exclusion us Grisha among science fiction fans and go into hiding. Wrath of the Kazakh people, whose character was the target of hoaxes.

—  I will not! — I cried a voice in a dream Krapivinskoye boy. — I will not play the individual and major print media!

Then, reassured, he fell asleep.

To "Aelita-92" Grisha I told the truth. And we laughed for a long time over the whole of history, before he made me promise to send a story within a month what had happened.

But the story is not over. She was a decent logical conclusion.

The end of the 92 th year. I'm a guest of Dennis Novozhilov, son of Hope Draft, the one that manages the journal "SPACE" fiction department. Denis — "wild fan." On the laws are not moving, but the fiction knows, and his library envy 99 percent fandom. Talking, naturally, about fiction. I am talking about "Leopard-Kelmes" and Denis revived:

— And my grandfather wrote about this island. About forty years ago.


From the next room goes ninety grandfather. Despite his age, immediately enters into the essence of the conversation, smiles mischievously and makes a cardboard folder. There — yellowed clippings "Lenin change" and "Technology-Youth."

— To me the other day of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan came, — the grandfather. — They asked where the tooth Pteranodon, and what is happening on the island. I pretended that I had multiple sclerosis, and said nothing.

— And that there generally was? — Hopefully I ask. And the journalist Novozhilov not deceive expectations.

— What was that? Were young, cheerful. Decided to play people. It worked.

Final …

History, which "Technology-Youth" have recently begun to refer as the undeniable fact of the existence of flying saucers and time machines were completely fabricated. Independently of each other in the draw include all new generations. And if not now put the point over Barca-Kelmes, then our grandchildren will organize an expedition to the unfortunate island. So — I confess. Sinful. And the cheerful picture of the "TM", which is in its beak Pteranodon flying saucer, alas, is reasonable.

Sometimes I ask myself the question — is there anything coming out of the ordinary? Psychics, plates, aliens … I ask, and I'm afraid to answer himself. For the answer as resentment, especially for a science fiction writer! Resentment is so unfair! There are no miracles. All of them only by human imagination, an attempt to break out of the framework of the ordinary. I've seen guys "happen" on my forty islands. I know a lot of artists and other direct transitions Krapivino miracles. Contactors, psychics … My God, how do we want a miracle! But its still no, and then there are those who like to cheat, and those who want to be deceived.

Let's look into each other's eyes and whisper to admit it. Quietly to outside fandom no one heard.

But … if I once again start to lie … please … Pretend you believe.

I have nothing to add. Morale let everyone extracts himself — according to your taste. I, for one, would like to thank all the friends and acquaintances — direct and indirect, that somehow are co-authors of this phantasmagoria. And what of the fact that some of them have never existed in reality? This, really, is not so important — in this story is generally very difficult to separate the "really" from "almost entirely in fact."

I am grateful and G.Novozhilovu Nurpeis Baizhanova, Sergei Lukyanenko and Gregory Savich, Serzhanov Egimbaevu and Timur Dzholdasbekova, G.Morozovu and Andrei Strakhov Kyzylorda library staff and many, many others, without which it would be impossible happened impossible. (Special thanks to want to express wording native "TehnikiMolodezhi" — although the fee for "my" article on it I did not wait.)

And all the rest, so far drawn its true information about the Aral ill-fated island of newspapers, magazines and other media, I'm tempted to ask one question. Just one. Only.

After all, we have all beautifully played, and?



Media advisory MSU fan clubs

Ninth edition



Or how it was actually

(The experience of a single investigation)

    I was witness to a party, and in a

sense even the initiator of these events <…>

But now, for reasons having the character

rather personal, I felt the urgent

still need to pull together and

to the attention of anyone who wishes it

interested in all that I know.

ABS. "The waves extinguish the wind."

All names, titles and dates — the original. Doubters may be shown the relevant documents.

I've been thinking how to begin a story about the story. After months of fruitless thinking, I picked up a thick folder where the accumulated materials Barsakelmesskoy epic — newspaper articles, records of conversations, their requests and responses, letters, certificates and a whole slew of bills that inevitably accumulates Dossier how-ever any decent investigative .

Turning over the newly-minted zakkurapiyu, I realized that the documents speak for themselves — and quite eloquently. Therefore, the story will be filled in the manner of "Big Bag wrote a memoir," and my comments are limited. After reading the next document you will know about the case as much as I know — at the time.

G.Neverov, December 1993, Moscow

Part 1. How it began

07/25/88 Kerch, "mosquito mange," about midnight.

I remember — it's sitting around the campfire and we Herbs bikes. Who was the "Kompleshi" or at least in any hike — present situation immediately. And Andrew Fears of Kerch Club tells the story of a completely one awesome — so awesome, I listened, his mouth open, and Nicholas Telegin — even recorded.

It was these recordings made on the knee, in the firelight, now you can recover quite accurately where to start the story.

A.Strahov says:

Around October-November 1979, a group of radio operators Yeysk fishery College held political information. Anyone listen to it especially does not like. Then the group leader Vladimir Babynin proposed

talk about something interesting and he suggested the topic: UFO mystery stories, some other phenomena. V.P.Babynin worked as a teacher at the time of sonar devices. He first told about the content of the story Kazantsev, read excerpts from the report V.G.Azhazhi, said that it has a magnetic record of the report. By the end of political information (it was held before class, from 8.00 to 9.00), he told about an event that happened to him.

"After graduation, — he said — I worked in the surveying party on the Aral Sea. The expedition produced obs. Coordinate measuring points. I worked for a radio operator of the party. Several points need to be measured on the island of Barsa-Kelmes (in Kazakh — "Will you go-no-return"). As a conductor took some Kazakhs. The vessel was abeam of the island, and I'm with the party crossed the coast. Some days we worked around the coastline. Another point was on a plateau in the center of the island. Kazakhs to lead us there refused, they were told that the island enjoys their notoriety and his name is not given in vain. Especially dangerous is visiting fees. Why, they say refused. Party Chief decided to do without their help. We went to the place in the early morning.

It was a clear sunny weather. I turned the radio, connect the battery, making sure. The station is operating normally. Prior to the communication with the ship was about half an hour. At that time arrived, breakfast, and I went there, leaving the station. Once we settled down at the table, the weather changed quite dramatically. It was still light, but delayed the sky a haze haze. The horizon disappeared in the fog. It's a bit worried boss, and he is not. However, all other pretty cool ate and went to work. I walked over to the radio, because it's time session with the ship. I put on headphones, but heard nothing. After a quick inspection, I

found that the receiver does not work, or the transmitter, but the indicator light on the scale off. A little while turning the knob all in a row, I went to report to the head of the party.

Work on the measurement points were in full swing. The chief said he will soon end and still go back. I went back to the radio — told Babynin. — At this time the weather was restored, the sun shone again. I again checked the radio and saw that it functions properly. I decided to call the ship. According to my watch, I was late to the session for about 15 minutes. Tuned to the operating frequency, I heard the ship's radio operator works with coastal radio center. Passed it like this: "Out in the morning yesterday. More days are not contacted. "I interrupted him, and overcoming confusion, began to pass, I was late by only 15 minutes. I do not believe I gave the usual information, spoke about the party chief, he also did not understand.

In the evening we returned to the ship. There we announced alcoholics. Management announced that we are drunk on the island, instead of working. Party workers were perplexed — at all hours of the party behind, who were all on the same amount. We have been accused of fraud. We checked the chronometer. With him was the same thing. Expedition leaders accused us of damaging valuable precision instrument. Only later, on the beach, we realized that the chronometer was sealed.

The same day, the boatswain of the vessel to the island to hunt for the saiga. He returned late at night with body saiga. He said that he had shot the Saiga very far. He lay down to rest on the beach and went to sleep. Awake at night, feeling an unpleasant feeling. Star was a moonless night. Around the island by sea spread glowing concentric circles. A little after watching, he decided to move to the side of the vessel, not waiting for the morning. Later, some biologists have told me that the boatswain saw the glow of microorganisms. However, checking the data of geology, I found that the island is on the rocks with a high content of copper salts. Microorganisms do not live in it.

Later, I remembered that I had read about o.Barsa-Kelmes Roerich in the book "The Heart of Asia." It said that in the late nineteenth century, the island moved several families of Kazakhs. Having lived on the island for several months, they have disappeared. In the thirties, the island came geodesic expedition. There were a few people and a large supply of food for a month, a week out from the plateau of the same person. Nothing about the fate of the others, he did not say it was considered crazy because he, among other things, hard to say that he stayed on a plateau for two days … "

At this his story Vladimir Babynin finished.

No, what history, appreciate! "Anomalous" (aka fifth) section of the club has long yearned without materials, but here such a case! Mysterious Island, complete disappearance of the sinister legends … And no one — no one! — Still was not engaged! So we decided to roll out the story — for fun and for the edification of the younger generation. Yes, we were young then, back in '88 …

Part 2. Find it, do not know what …

Owls. Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1979, page 113

BARSAKELMESSKY RESERVE, for one. island in the Aral Sea in Kyzyl-Orda region. DOS. in 1939, Pl. approx. 20 t ha. Antelope, gazelle, wild ass. Desert vegetation.

BSE, 2nd edition, vol.4, s.268

LEOPARD-Kelmes (Kazakh — "you go, do not go back") — flat island in the northwest The Aral Sea, the area of 133

05/09/88 KLF MSU — circularly.


1. KLF "Selector", Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan.

2. KLF "Galakt", Tashkent.

3. KLF "black hole", Angren.

4. KLF "Alpha Pegasi" Alma-Ata.

5. KLF "Lalangamena" Aktyubinsk

One section of the club is engaged in a fantastic modern folklore — various "miracles" and "burning secrets of the century." We are trying to analyze the conditions for the birth of modern myths and the circumstances of their perception of the human mind. So far — alas! not a real possibility, however some consistently look at the origins of modern myth-making — fashion for a particular phenomenon (whether Nessie, the Bermuda Triangle, or Filipino healers) was based on unverified events intractable (for us) the places you visit.

And this year we happened to hear about unexplained phenomena, allegedly took place in the 60's with one of the surveying expeditions to the island of Barsa-Kelmes in the Aral Sea. It was about the slowing of clocks and chronometers unexplained failures radios glowing "wheels" on the water, and — even — slowing personal "biological" time.

In short, all these stories second-hand much like the birth of a new myth, and are therefore of great interest to us. Maybe you know anything about these stories about Barca-Kelmes? <…>

Perhaps at the end of data collection we consider interesting to go to a place of "events." Can we count on your


T.Berezina toCoordinator MSU KLF Communications

Boris Lavrenyov. Forty first.

Island in the Aral Sea — pancakes, poured into the pan, flat to gloss, sprawled on the water — barely shore to see, and they had no life whatsoever. No birds, no grass, and the human spirit in the summer and feels. The main island in the Aral Sea Leopard-Kelmes. What it means — is unknown, but they say the Kirghiz that "human destruction."

Nasyrov R. Barsa-Kelmes.

"Kazakhstan Today" 09/28/68

In the summer of 1920 Barca-Kelmes visited zavlit "Turkestan truth" Boris Lavrenyov. Here he heard the story told by then in "Forty first", the love story of the Red Army of Mary bass and Guard lieutenant Govorukha-Servant, found himself shipwrecked on the island. We were shown the place of the tragic finale of this love, we were taken to the rocky shore break, where prisoners of the island looking out for a sail.

M.I.Ismagilov. Island onagers.

Alma-Ata: Kynar, 1973, p.10

Characteristic feature of the natural conditions of Barca-Kelmes — lack of permanent freshwater ponds. On the island — only a well of fresh water, and yet indispensable. Another source of water on the island is the sea ice. Water from the sea ice is almost fresh, if the ice is harvested after a long time he will lie down in stacks.

V.L.Rashek and V.A.Rashek. State Reserve Barsa-Kelmes.

Alma-Ata: Izd Kazakh Academy of Sciences, 1963, p.8-11

Connection with the reserve g.Aralskom irregular. In the navigation period from May to November, it is carried by sea in ships Aral ports, delivering goods from time to time in the sanctuary, and the boats, occasionally visiting the meteorological station located on the same island. In addition, the message, especially in the winter, probably by plane from the Aral Airport. But this relationship is not constant.

18/11/88 M.Knyazev (Angren) — MSU fan clubs

Anything of the kind I have not heard. And things like not interested.

15/11/88 S.Nosov (Petropavlovsk-Kazakh, KLF "Finder") — MSU fan clubs

Of course, try to help, as far as we can. Unfortunately, no information about your interests in the club does not currently have. However, the search is just beginning.

08/12/88 Lukyanenko (Alma-Ata, KLF "Alpha Pegasi") — MSU fan clubs

We will respond to your request and provide all possible assistance — partly as a sign of the desire of long and interesting contacts, but mostly because the mystery Barca-Kelmes interested and us.

One of our members wrote a letter to his relatives in the family which tells a story about the CD. Material from "Flax. change "(curiously enough) will also post soon. And finally, one of our activists, scholar, working on a dissertation about the old Kazakh fiction, is now trying to find traces of such events in the Kazakh national epic — "Koblandy Batyr", "Goat-Kurpesh and Bayan-Sulu", "Atamys" " Kyz Zhibek "etc.

As you know, all of these epics exist in many versions, recorded in different regions of Kazakhstan. It may be that living in the area of anomalous phenomena, folk storytellers (akins) was introduced into the epic something familiar to them, but unusual, rare. Of course, such information should be treated with caution, but …

11/02/89 A.Kravtsov (Aktyubinsk, KLF "Lalangamena") — MSU fan clubs

First — to our knowledge, in the past, the island still existed, despite the hard work of Ministry of Water Resources. But to get to it very, very difficult. It is 30 km from the coast, the settlements on the northern (Aktobe) bank not to coast and if you can still get there — by bus or by plane to Chelkar, then — to rent an airplane — but it is unreliable.

The official way — from Aralsk plane, but it needs permission General Directorate reserves.

Your idea aroused enthusiasm among some members of the club, although I personally set very skeptical. After all, the island resident staff of the reserve, and it seemed no one was not Apparate or kidnapped NLOnavtami. But, again, render any assistance, and may, if you agree, and if possible, we will take part in the expedition.

Collection of "forbidden paths."

MA: Education, 1980, p.135

About the name of the island, there are different legends. In cold winters between the mainland and the island in some places, a continuous ice. Long before the appearance of the island on the map, some families decided to settle the Kazakhs on the island. The ice bridge people together with their livestock and the economy moved to the island. Years passed, the settlers did not return, all died. What fate befell them, no one knows. It is said that the island many years later in dilapidated huts found decayed human skeletons.

Kasatkin S. Barsa-Kelmes — island reserve.

"Path of Lenin" (Kyzylorda), 15/07/76

There were people at risk to cross to the island. They built dams in gullies and collected melted water. So far, in different parts of the island you can see the remnants of landslides covered saxaul dugouts in which the pioneers lived.

M.I.Ismagilov. Island onagers.

Alma-Ata: Kynar, 1973, p.10

In winter, people on the ice with his farming and cattle safely to the island. But severe storms destroyed the ice bridge, and the fugitives were not able to come back. Winter they lived, eating the meat of animals but birds, drinking snow water, fuel broke dry saxaul.

With the arrival of the hot summer, the unexpected happened — dried fresh water, people and animals were left without water, and all were killed. No one came back to the mainland.

Zverev M. Barsa-Kelmes.

"Country Life", 16/09/60

But it happened that the cattle did not have time to steal time from the island, and the storm broke the ice. Then the people for several years remained on the island with their cattle, waiting for the ice to connect with the mainland. Boats while the nomads were not. This clearly happened cautionary island name Barca-Kelmes.

03/29/89 Lukyanenko — G.Neverovu

As far as I know, the guys in the department "mysterious cases" sent or will send you one of these days some fairy tale where the analogy can be traced to the island of Barsa-Kelmes (a mysterious island, some time …). But with the numbers "Len.smeny" where were articles about B.-K., got a hitch — they are not even in the newspaper.

05/11/88 KLF MSU — Kzyl-Orda, Kyzyl-Orda oblast Library. Gorky

We would be very grateful if you could recommend books on the history of research on Barsakelmes, explore the island. In the bibliography of the Aral Sea, published bibliographic department of your library in 1964, refers to a number of publications about Barsakelmesskom reserve, including "Lenin's change of" 08/19/58, 06/10/59, 10/27/60. Unfortunately, we were unable to read them, and we ask if possible at least a brief report on their contents. In particular, we are interested in an article G.Novozhilova "Mystery Island Barca-Kelmes" in "Lenin change" from June 10, 1959

18/11/88 Kyzyl-Orda Regional Library — MSU fan clubs

Ref. N 339

Dear comrades, Berezina and wrong!

We, members of the bibliographic department, in all sources of Barca-Kelmes available in the library, but in neither of them, we have not found the information relating to those mysterious phenomena about which you write. With regard to article G.Novozhilova "Secret Leopard-Kelmes", then it says that on the reserve eyewitnesses saw Jurassic dinosaur or maybe Permian. There is speculation that the Raptor — Pteranodon — huge dinosaurs of the Jurassic period, which lasted thirty million years and ended one hundred forty-five million years ago.

"Do not see the information" … you know what would! Raptor Jurassic perfectly fit into a version of "failures in time." I was elated. Preliminary check is over — and what a success! I decided to switch to a planned inquiry. Just at that time the club began to take root that particular byurokraticheskoimpersky style that MSU fan clubs so different — and the materials were in a folder marked "Fifth Section MSU fan clubs" called "Topic F1 — tyud in Scarlet." Why F1? Why study? Why in purple? Ask what easier …

Part 3. A Study in Scarlet

 (25/07/88 — 05/20/92)

Search 1 (Ismagilov).

Ismagilov Isaevich Musa, Dr. biol. science, more than 30 years devoted to the study of fauna of Kazakhstan. Author of more than 60 scientific papers. From 1941, he worked for five years Fellow reserve Barca-Kelmes in 1970 participated in a scientific expedition to the island. Author of a book about the island "Island onagers" (Alma-Ata: "Kynar", 1973).

12/02/88 KLF MSU — Alma-Ata, publishing "Kynar"

We appeal to you on behalf of a group of students at Moscow University — physicists and biologists. For several reasons, we were interested in Barca reserve-Kelmes in the Aral Sea. This is due to the possible existence at this point noteworthy deviations and anomalies of physical and biological parameters of the environment.

Among other sources, we became acquainted with the book M.I.Ismagilova "Island of wild asses," published by your publisher. I think that's the author was able to give us the right information. We kindly ask you to give the postal address M.I.Ismagilova.

01/01/89 Publisher "Kynar" — MSU fan clubs

Musa Isaevich Ismagilov now retired. Home address: 480035, Alma-Ata, ***

01/12/89 KLF MSU — Ismagilov MI

Dear Musa Isaevich!

For several reasons, we were interested in Barsa-Kelmes. Randomly came up to us absolutely fantastic rumors of some "unexplained events" that occurred in the 60 years of the groups geodetic expedition Barca-Kelmes. Maybe you've ever heard of any unusual situations in the Barca-Kelmes? We would be very grateful for your opinion on the matter.

Ismagilov, MI 1/16/89 — MSU fan clubs

… First, you are interested in "unexplained phenomena that have occurred in the 60 years of one of the groups of the geodesic expedition sent to a Barca-Kelmes." To inform you that within 5 years of uninterrupted island life we have not seen drastic changes of weather conditions and … watch our never lagged. Such questions would allow the weather station, located in the eastern part of the island controlled by the Uzbek SSR. But it is also not noted any jumps in the nature of the island.

To inform you that in o.Barsa-Kelmes anyone ever seen, and find impressions of extinct organisms, including dinosaurs. Post Writers in 1959 in the pages of "Lenin change", etc. — this is a newspaper, "duck", a fantasy, which is what you yourself have hinted in his letter.

Third, a few words about the name of the island of Barsa-Kelmes, which means "go, do not go back." This is a fairly accurate Kazakh name given to the island because of its low availability in the past and now perceived without any irritation. So there is nothing in these names is not supernatural …

Alas. Nothing interesting Ismagilov not reported. I decided to find the full text of the notorious article and investigate all leads, which can be squeezed out of it.

Search 2 (Pteranodon over Aral).

G.Novozhilov. Mystery island Barsa-Kelmes.

"Lenin's shift" (Organ of the Central Committee of Youth of Kazakhstan) N 111 (4799),

June 7, 1959

Cameraman and I love my profession. At the same time I'm a little research — I was always drawn to something unknown, lost or forgotten.

A few years ago I came across a book in the hands of the life of Taras Shevchenko, written by a renowned scholar, whose name I will not be called. Everyone knows that the exiled poet, being the ordinary of the 2nd Company of the 4th Battalion of the Orenburg, was among the first researchers of the Aral Sea. In 1848, he was with the expedition Lieutenant Butakova sailed the schooner "Constantine" and created his famous album "The banks of the Aral Sea."

I was interested in the letter where Shevchenko describes the nature of some of the island and hunt for the saiga. Shevchenko struck a fantastic view of the slopes has fallen off the coast, similar to the ruins of medieval castles and fortresses with the remnants of the towers, moats and battlements.

Here, among the ruins, Shevchenko found some strange bones, are very interested the poet, but the lack of time did not allow him to consider them, he only mentioned his discovery.

What were these bones? On this question, I have not found an answer.

Later, after visiting a number of islands of the Aral Sea and compared with the descriptions of what is seen Shevchenko, I guessed that they were the bones found on the island of Barsa-Kelmes. <…>

Why is the island got its name?

I knew the official version, but frankly, not too believed her. Very much it was easy. I wanted to know the details, but the locals did not add anything of substance could, they listened with interest to my stories and strangely kept quiet. I could only hear the dead bodies on the island was not found. Where did they go?

— No one remembers nothing — I said Sergei Petukhov, the old captain of a small tug boat, which we now sail. — Is there a single person — thoughtfully added Petukhov — go rumors about him that he knows something, but this old man — flint and nothing anyone says. I'll show it to you when we arrive in Muynak, try to shake it, if you so wish.

It so happened that I had to sit in Muynak, it was necessary to wait until the water recedes. In the days of waiting I met Nurpeis Baizhanova. <…>

I was excited to soon begin his questions, and I barely kept realizing that haste can spoil everything. However, I had little hope to learn something, the old man drinking tea was silent and did not even say two words to his wife, the old Sabir. Finally, the tea was over.

The old man moved a little away from the table to the wall and brought up to a pillow, leaning on her elbow. His wife immediately gave him a pouch of tobacco. I hurried to get his "Kazbek" open box and handed the old man. He took a cigarette and squeezed it, his gnarled, crooked fingers rheumatism, slowly lit a cigarette. Releasing smoke, he stared through his window and draw the curtain suddenly, without waiting my questions, he said:

— Why did you come — I know that you will ask — I know, but why do you — I do not know.

I realized that the old man can not cheat, you must speak frankly. I decided that the time was right, and looking at the old man in the face, said in a low voice:

— Shevchenko was on the Barsa-Kelmes and saw bone.

The old man started, but maybe I just imagined it.

— The bones you say bones — he rubbed his face in his hands for some reason, as if erasing the web, and more quietly asked. — About what are you talking about bones, which bone saw Shevchenko Barsakelmes, they are different.

— Shevchenko had seen on the island of unusual bone — all as I said in a low voice and unexpectedly added. — Unusual bone — not the animal, not the bird.

The old man closed his eyes and was silent for a few seconds.

— So it's true — he said, eyes still closed. — Listen, my good man, and you did not lie to me about Shevchenko, you know?

I told the old man of letters Shevchenko. Again he closed his eyes and shook his head.

— Laugh at the old man will be, say — tell stories, and this is not a legend and I will prove to you — the old man got up and walked over to stand in a corner a small upholstered with colored tin trunk. He was leaning toward him, but with a wave of his hand and saying "later", returned to his seat.

— I could not see and do not know — he said, twisting his cigarette out-grown tobacco, — to tell what I said my father. That was long ago, long ago, — the old man paused, surrendering memories. — My father — he began again, — at that time was still a teenager. Grandfather willingly took him into the sea, and they always came back with a good catch, with more Copan Davletov went fishing. At that time there was no good at Kazakhs boats or motors, but also on their sailing fishermen swam away. Along the coast Barsakelmes fished often, while on the other it was called "Sudzhok" means "Absolute."

One day — told his father — in a strong wind blew and they sail the boat suffered a steep bank to the south of the island, where they fished rarely — deep there, and nowhere to stick to the coast, it is very steep. Well, while busy with sail and fit them by the wind, and look to break the boat on the shore. Somehow I managed to still secure a sail along the coast, and little by little move. That's where they saw the high cliff above the sea shore white stone.

You say you were on the island, you know, there are no stones. And this stone large, white and round, fishermen noticed only see them it could not be closer, the wind prevented.

It was over a hundred years ago. The heat was then an unusual and well-caught fish, and dried right on the island, not to take home. Many people fish nasushit. He remembered something his father in a spare moment of white stone, I wanted him to look at him. He persuaded his grandfather to go to that place, and the three of them went by boat to the southern coast.

Found. Beach there is a wall. Landed, got out of the boat, and did not get to the stone — bottom high and up and there is no way at all.

And this is sort of like a rock in a small cave, all the sun. Round the stone, white — but smooth, well, like an egg, only bigger.

My grandfather wanted skovyrnut egg and went to the boat for a paddle, and his father took a piece of clay, dry and even dropped by a lump in stone egg, tossed with fear but nearly died on the spot. Once the egg plopped on clay, it burst like a shell cracked and there was a monster to come out, black, nasty, with enormous eyes.

Fishermen shouted in fear, but to escape, but in a boat, and the monster got out completely out of the shell, but with a break down and fallen, but not flopped, and the bird flew. His wings were only without feathers and huge, but with claws.

As it fell, it is one my grandfather saw it with the paddle boats standing, and his father and Copan is plopped into the boat, and did not raise the head, yelling: "Shaitan," and nothing more. Copan, so that was even shake.

Grandfather also jumped into the boat but rather for a sail, and the "devil" on the bank of jumps so their wings rastopyrivaet, but still can not fly. In height he was a calf, and the wings and more of our sails. And his beak was longer his own, but with teeth. As soon as he was placed in the egg. Grandfather before frightened that he did not remember how he found himself in a sea.

Copan once and then fell ill, he was taken home in a fever, week lain and died, and my personal, poobterpelis. They told people what happened, but no one believed to have decided that the grandfather of scary tricks to his fish on the island has not been touched, and the fish of the grandfather and was afraid to go and throw it on the Sudzhoke.

After a hot summer began a harsh snowy winter. Do you know what the jute? For Kazakh sheep breeders is death here in the winter and it happened misfortune. Sheep could not penetrate the frozen layer of snow hooves to get to the grass, and wounded him in vain feet died from starvation. Indeed, the stock of hay did not do.

In the winter the whole village migrated to Sudzhok. The Aral Sea is not always freezes so far, but in that year the sea was frozen, and people with cattle moved to the island, where the snow was less. Then came the winds, the ice cracked and drown in a sea of what happened on the island — no one knows.

He shook his head and repeated:

— No one knows. In spring, when the storm had subsided, — he continued after a pause, — grandfather was persuaded to go to the island to know that with people. Grandfather long refused, still fearing a meeting with Shaitan, but my father in my youth had forgotten weathered own, curious, until my grandfather molested until he agreed.

Now you say that the people there have died from lack of food and water, maybe only father and grandfather did not find on the island no corpse. No people, no sheep, neither the living nor the dead. Only tent, half tattered by the wind, standing on a cliff near the sea.

Still hoping to find someone of the survivors, grandfather and father were to go into the yurt. There were only three. The two had nothing but blankets and some dishes, and in the third, best preserved, unbearable smell of decaying bodies.

This yurt was dark and had to open tunduk to consider that it had contained. At first they did not understand, seeing the floor a huge black hulk covered wrinkled skin, but making out toothy maw, guessed what was going on and rushed out of the tent.

In yurt lay Satan, the very animal-bird, whose appearance so frightened them last summer. My grandfather would not want to go back into the tent, but the father, realizing that Satan is long dead, overpowering revulsion and again went to see the monster.

However, it should be considered as they had been then, when they dismantled the tent, leaving the corpse of Satan on the earth in the open.

The fact that they took for the skin, membranous wings were the monster. Curled up in a ball and wrapped in its wings, it looks like a huge bat, they have an enormous mouth, stretched, as bird's beak. In the Mouth of sticking sharp as fangs, teeth inclined forward. Long and very thin tail like a noose covered crooked body of Satan. Father said they did not immediately make out all of it … I had a lasso to catch claws at the ends of membranous wings and stretch them to inspect the body of a monster.

That's all that my father told me, — the old man. — Yurts are collected and taken to shore and the island no one else was driving. Of Satan, they decided not to tell anyone, not to frighten people. I already told my father before his death, and at that time I was a boy. The island has since still became known as "Leopard-Kelmes."

The old man was silent. <…> He stood up and walked over to the familiar small chests. Opening it, the old man took out something wrapped in a cloth, and deploying it, handed it to me in the palm of something white, like a piece of marble the size of a tea cup. I picked it up and started in amazement. It was a tooth — a real tooth, just a strange shape and unusual size. It was a real tooth fossil, extinct Jurassic dinosaur or maybe Permian. And it was not a tooth, buried for millions of years and happened to find. No, white, shiny and smooth, it was a completely "fresh", without the slightest trace fossils typical of fossil bones.

I could not say a word. The old man said nothing, content produced effect.

— I did not tell you — he interrupted, finally, the silence — that, he left the island, his father took the ax and knocked at the "Satan" is one of the teeth, so this most — he nodded to the bone, which I have held in my hands. — These teeth zhalmauz ate on the island all the people and all of our sheep and dried fish, then left on the island grandfather.

So now decide, tales I tell you, or profit. <…>

I concede tat old man agreed, but did not mind when I decided to take a picture.

I removed the teeth from all sides and then sent these pictures to the Museum of Paleontology. There extraordinarily interested in finding and confirmed my assumption. The tooth could actually belong to fossil pangolins, and even pinpointed. It was a tooth Pteranodon — huge flying reptile of the Jurassic period, which lasted thirty million years and ended one hundred forty-five million years ago.

At the request of the museum, I did not answer, because in addition to photos and incredible stories the old man I had nothing, and scientists need proof.

I decided to publish this mysterious story in the hope that someone would be interested in not only the lizard, but the island of "Leopard-Kelmes." Maybe there who wants to find and Nurpeis Baizhanova — and this is not difficult, in Muynak he is well known — and visit the island of Barsa-Kelmes, although it is not very nice.

You know — "Will you, will not return."

I flipped through the newspaper files for this year and next, but found nothing interesting, except, perhaps, some rather vague phrases in the interview the director of the reserve.

"Lenin's change of" July 19, 1964 (excerpt from an article G.Bocharova "Violets in the sand")

— Will be writing about the island?

— Apparently, yes.

— Then, please, do not write that the island inhabited entirely unseen monster. Especially flying snakes. Write about what you see with your own eyes. And most of us to see, you will probably not succeed.

— But someone managed?

— See — no — laughing Alexandra — and think — yes.

Alexandra Samoilenko almost the oldest director in the country: the twenty-second year, it manages the affairs of the State Reserve Barsa-Kelmes.

So, has identified three areas for:

1. Link to Memoir Shevchenko.

2. Morozov story.

3. Nurpeis Baizhanova story.

Search 3 (Memoir Shevchenko).

Day notes swimming A.I.Butakova Aral Sea in 1848-1849.

Tashkent: Izd UzSSR 1959.

1848. August 6. <…> I removed the 6th, went to the island Bars and night-Kelmes anchored mean it.

8. Nalilsya water from wells, left prap. Akisheeva with one sergeant and six sailors to capture the island.

10. <…> The night was agonizing and the situation so critical that I remembered the description of shipwrecks and pondering of what and how to make a raft. I had the fate left on Barca-Kelmes: if I had crashed — they would die of hunger.

25/08/89 KLF MSU — Taras Shevchenko Museum (g.Shevchenko)

As we know from the newspaper article, in the book of an unnamed author of "famous scientist" about the life of Shevchenko is another quote from a letter by the poet in 1848 with the description of the nature of some of the island and the hunting of the saiga. Please advise if possible, whether in letters Shevchenko during his stay in the expedition Lieutenant Butakova the Aral Sea contains this episode.

06/09/89 S.Sidorov (g.Shevchenko, Kazakhstan) — T.Berezinoy

Taras Shevchenko Museum is not in our town, and in pos.Fort Shevchenko hundred and fifty kilometers to the north. Therefore, its exact location is difficult.

All this does not mean anything. Yes, Shevchenko did swim on the Aral Sea in 1848, but no evidence that he went to the shore-Kelmes Barca, has been found. In fact — of the published letters Shevchenko was not even any mention of any island where he stayed during the expedition. And what a monograph on Shevchenko, referred to by Novozhilov? What is this secret "famous scientist", whose name he would not be called? Consult with the museum also failed.

Search 4 (Babynin).

12/02/88 KLF MSU — Address table Yeisk

You are kindly requested to help us find a comrade. Babynin VP (Unfortunately, we know only initials), born presumably between 1935 and 1945, teaching in 1979 at the College of Fishery Yeisk.

12/19/88 Address table Yeisk — MSU fan clubs

Address reference

Passport office (desk) police station (ATS) of Krasnodar Region reports that Babynin Vladimir, born. 09/06/48, the native st.Kamyshevanskaya Yeisk district was listed spelled gor.Eysk st. ***, D ***.

09/01/89 KLF MSU — Babynin VP (Yeisk)

Dear Vladimir!

In conversation with colleagues are talking about the theoretical possibility of deviation of the normal flow of time. A colleague recalled that when, in 1979, he studied at the College of Fishery Yeisk, his teacher talked about the unexplained events that occurred in the 60 years with the Expeditionary Force at Barca-Kelmes. It was about the slowing of clocks and chronometers, inexplicable refusal radios, other intsedent.

If this teacher, who visited the Barca-Kelmes really was you, we kindly ask how to describe in more detail the progress of the expedition and took place unusual situations.

03/07/89 KLF MSU — Babynin VP (Yeisk)

Dear Comrade Babynin!

You are kindly requested to carve out a few minutes to respond to our previous letter with a question about your participation in the expedition to o.Barsa-Kelmes. Sorry for persistence, but any of your response — positive or negative, we would certainly interesting. In both the first and the second case, it would remove some of the issues that have attracted our attention to the island.

05/21/89 Babynin VP — Moscow, Moscow State University, a group of physics students

Dear fellow students!

Sorry for such a long delay in responding to your two letters. On the island of Barsa-Kelmes in any geophysical and geological expeditions, I was not. (Link to my student's personal involvement in the expedition due, most likely, my tales of of the late fifties in Yeisk UFO, which I was an eyewitness. These stories are then passed to other phenomena, including the Barca-Kelmes. About mysterious phenomena and incidents at Barca-Kelmes I read a lot in 1960-1966 GG in the magazine "Around the World", which mentions the lost expedition in the thirties, one of whose members came from the island three months after the disturbances in the psyche as claimed

was there three days. My coworkers remember that in those same years, they read a book of a civil aviation pilots about flying over the Aral Sea and the island of Barsa-Kelmes and allegedly available on the island of quicksand.

However, the basis of my students was retelling the stories he heard from the listening training courses Navy radio operators MPX USSR Gennady Morozov, which was later EMRPT time students. His stories have largely coincided with the fact that I had to read, and while I did not go to them critically. Now, given what they say about him coworkers, I think that his stories are similar, to put it mildly, an improvisation.

With Morozov correspondence I was not involved, so it took a while to find him. At present, the Quarry (Kerch Oceanic Fisheries MPX USSR) it does not work, somewhere around a year ago, he was fired. His current place of work, I do not know. On it I can report the following (using the correspondence department EMRPT)

Gennady Morozov was born in 1946 in Slavgorod Altai Territory. In 1964, he graduated from college in Kerch Metallurgical specials. "Development of ore and placer deposits" with the qualification of "foreman". In 1980 he worked in the radionavigation camera port of Kerch from 1981 — Underwater Acoustics PPR "Van Gogh". In 1982 he graduated from the ZO EMRPT specialty "Radio and elektroradionavigatsiya marine and fishing fleet." Live Kerch *** per. *** House, apt. ***.

Morozov GV teacher told EMRPT Babynin VP of his adventures during the expedition o.Barsa-Kelmes. He said in June 1978, while in Yeisk refresher courses.

PS you may have, the island is located in the node "grid Sanderson" (I can not vouch for the accuracy of names), like the "Bermuda Triangle" and "Devil's Sea" and the Kerch Strait, which allegedly also something wrong. It seems, this grid is superimposed on the Gulf of Guinea. So, in April 1979, returning home from a fishing area in South-East Atlantic, I witnessed a very large discrepancy between the location of the vessel and obs. Deduced, the residual reached more than 30 miles. After the transition the equator and move to another (the next area) residual map

(Bug in) decreased to normal! Perhaps the joke XO, they say the Earth has to do in the form of a suitcase, not far from the truth, because the observed lowering of sea level in Bermuda. I believe that such differences can occur in the Aral Sea.

Hmm, yes, but … I had to start all over again. In addition, having in view some "tales of unexplained phenomena on Barsa-Kelmes" in "Around the World." Scrolling through the binder, in articles about the island I have not found references to anything "mysterious." Bad looking?

13.02.90 N 5978 "Around the World" — MSU fan clubs

Unfortunately, the "secrets" of the island of Barsa-Kelmes our readers almost silently. While on the subject you have the material, the wording would be interested to read it.

Editor of Science A. Glazunov

Search 5 (Morozov).

09/24/89 Neverov — Insurance A. (Kerch)

As you can guess, I'm about our "history of the Aral Sea," to be precise, Comrade. Gennady Morozov, who I went to look at his last day in Kerch.

The situation is the following: Comrade. Morozov on the day I have not found. Old women on a bench, looking sideways at my "branded" T-shirt, eagerly explained that Morozov was not living with his wife divorced, and generally lives with his mother, Morozova. Three hours before the train I had to visit the Kerch address table (the same place where ATC and the KGB) and there for five kopecks. I was given the address of Morozov, of course, different from the "1st Port Lane.", this street. *** *** House square. ***. Where I, of course, wrote from Moscow in late July. Judging by the signature on the return receipt letter took some Gagaev, but that the information obtained therefrom, ends.

In this investigation, it seemed exhausted. Morozov did not answer the letter. In 1990, when the next "mosquito mange," we tried to go to the address, but the frost was "at sea" and promised to return "until September." The following letter to the same address also sunk in vain.

The search Nurpeis Baizhanova ended before it began — because silence address office Muynak. And there at all? Reserve staff Barca-Kelmes also not responded. Deadlock …

And then, quite suddenly, responded diamond atintsy. And responded!

Part 4. Koblandy batyr and Barca-Kelmes.

06/21/89 Lukyanenko — G.Neverovu

Finally able to send you a story. Only a week ago, found out that she had not been sent, and here's why: Sergent Egimbaev our poluzaochny (due to the rarity of visits to the club) member drove off in another trip to the area of the Aral Sea. As it turned out, before leaving, he decided to postpone sending the tale, as some places in the text it seemed unclear and even doubtful. Comment to places See Appendix N 1. Appendix N 2 — one curious conversation. Sending a story with comments Sergent, in good, in my opinion, the literary translation of the same Sergent and G.Savicha. According Egimbaeva all ambiguities in the trip, he made it clear (comments N 1,3,4).

Tale of Koblandy Batyr and seven brothers

(Variant village Kanbak, Aral)

In the old-predavnie times when my grandmother grandmother was still a girl, lived in the same village mighty batyr (komm. N 1). He was so strong that he could resist the kazahsha kures seven consecutive dzhigits overtake in the race of the swift horse, or as much hit the mountain, on the opposite side of the leaves fell from the trees. His name was Koblandy. He was also endowed with a keen eye (komm. N 2), a sharp mind and the ability to play the lute perfectly. More than once he had won in the competitions, and baige aityses. But did not have Koblandy girlfriend, and no beauty could not stir his heart.

Koblandy once slept on the mountain at a distance of seven days' journey from his village (komm. N 3). Suddenly awakened his hooves hot horse. Koblandy rose from the grass and saw a girl as beautiful as the new moon.

— Oh, mighty batyr — begged the girl. — Save me from the evil fate. Chase me seven brothers, they want me to marry an old Bai, whose appearance is similar to the jackals, and the breath fetid.

— Fear not, Kiz — batyr said, struck by her beauty. — Go to the top of the hill and wait for me there.

He jumped on his faithful horse and rode on the trail girl. Drove it until it until I saw a cloud of dust over the steppe. "Seven Brothers" — thought Koblandy and stopped the horse (komm. N 4). Seven brothers raced over the steppe, like a flock of birds in search of profit.

— Hey, brave! — Shouted one of the brothers. — Have not seen you here a girl on a black horse?

— It did not see — said Koblandy.

— Where seen?

— In our village there are many.

Frowned brothers. They understood that Koblandy laugh at them.

— Horseman! You do not want to answer with good, so will force power! — Said the elder brother.

A stronger Koblandy fired the brothers.

— Perhaps you've played kiz-Korpesh, — he said. — But you can chase your nags only asses.

Nations were angry brothers. They snatched Kamchia and pounced on Batyr. Koblandy grabbed two brothers for Kamchia, and dropped from their horses. And then he turned his horse and galloped away, taking the brothers of the girl. And so they rode three days and three nights, while horses with fatigue did not go slower walking. Tears then Koblandy the horse, let him graze in the steppe, and he ran on.

He reached the cold waters of the Aral Sea, and saw that the brothers are not far behind.

— Here you will find your death — brothers cried, seeing that there is no place to retreat batyr.

They drew their swords and attacked the Koblandy. They fought for as long as the swords are not dull. They sat down to rest, and then caught up with their two brothers. Koblandy realized that not defeat him rested brothers. He rushed into the water and swam. The brothers in impotent rage sent after him curse (komm. N 5).

Koblandy sailed to the island. He went to sleep and fatigue slept for three days and three nights. And when I woke up, I remembered about the beautiful girl who was waiting for him at the top of the mountain, and swam back.

Koblandy got to the shore, and was surprised to see that there are seven aloof rich villages, and each village is preparing to smell the food.

— Hey, the ball — called Koblandy ran past the boy. — Whose villages?

— This villages of seven brothers, winners Koblandy batyr.

Koblandy furious and went to the largest aul. And I saw that sitting around the table seven elderly. Got accustomed to them and learned Koblandy seven brothers (komm. N 6). Batyr surprised, but did not show, and mind. He sat silently next to his brothers and began to eat.

Shopped his brothers and pale. A senior said:

— You are very similar to Koblandy that we thirty-three years ago, driven by an enchanted island!

Koblandy wiped his hands on his beard (komm. N 7) and said:

— And I have Koblandy batyr.

Brothers cried in fear and fell to the ground before Koblandy. Laughed Koblandy, chose the best horse and rode to the girl. He reached the mountain where he had left it, and went up to the top. At the top, in white tent, sat an old woman.

— You have not changed, Koblandy — she cried.

— Wait for me here, apa — said Koblandy and galloped down (komm. N 8).

Appendix 1

Comments for fairy tale

    1. For oriental tales unusual dimension of age for women. Typically used turnover "in the time of my grandfather," or "when my father's father was a child." However, by questioning were able to identify in the Aral Sea a few tales with similar matriarchal turnovers — a very interesting fact.

2. In the Kazakh fairy tales, as in many others, vigilance means hero itself. Particular emphasis his vigilance involve any episode associated with this quality, which is not in the text. There is an assumption that this is a "truncated" version of the tale. See notes 3 and 4.

3. The transition from the entry to the main part of the tale is very short. At the same time, a short mention of the "seven days' journey" implies the existence of some episodes, the adventures of the hero, one later released. After questioning, found a few people who remember this story. They confirmed that the one described in the story is also saved Koblandy talking fox — Episode bytuyuschy very standard and in the tales of different nations. Later, in one place, marked by a comm. N 5, fox dozing hero warns of the approach of enemies.

4. The full version of fairy tales, it is obvious that the meeting of the hero and his brothers was described differently. There is an assumption that a researcher who recorded this story, consciously extra compartment, from his point of view, and do not relate directly to the plot of the episodes. If so, the evidence of its extremely low culture.

Perhaps, however, the fact that the tale has been told to him in an abbreviated form. Further dialogue with the brothers of the hero is very curious, as it is an element of the household, a satirical tale, introduced in fairy tale.

5. Ability to swim — very much for the hero. His opponents simply by the laws of fairy tales can not have such skills.

6. Very interesting submission principal magical episode — briefly and without explanation.

7. It is understood, most likely, the Muslim custom thank after eating prophet holding hands on her cheeks. Not directly described, for obvious reasons while.

8. Then, apparently, must follow the famous tale of the search Koblandy rejuvenating water — variants of the tale is in many nations (Ivan Tsarevich and rejuvenating apples).

This story is written about fifteen years ago. The fact that the enchanted island and its magical properties are given in the text without explanation, evidence of the existence of an element of folklore and other tales or legends. Unfortunately, they could not be found.

S.Egimbaev, Lukyanenko

Appendix 2

    From conversations with local residents

In one of the fishing collective farms (think "The Road to Communism," is no longer operational because of the shallowing of the Aral Sea), I tried to find people who know this story. No one had remembered. Then the conversation turned to the Barca-Kelmes. One of the fishermen, Timur Dzholdasbekov, said he did not believe in "the tale of Barca-Kelmes." According to him, if there and noticed something strange, only because the island is our secret military base, "to shoot down U.S. satellites." He further said that he had seen on the island barracks, soldiers in a "secret form" and "laser gun". Dzholdasbekov served CA semvosem years ago, with our army know firsthand. At the time I dismissed the conversation, considering it the same stories as the adventures Koblandy on enchanted island. (What is meant Barca-Kelmes, no doubt). But after hearing your version of Sergei mysteries of the island, and read materials … very sorry that I asked Timur detail. I hope to make it to the next trip to the Aral Sea (I do with folklore, fairy tales and legends of the Kazakh and drive have very often).

No military bases in Barca-Kelmes, of course not.

Sergent Egimbaev

Club Fiction MSU Section 5

A special working stuff!

Annual report

F1 on "A Study in Scarlet"


    Thus, at the present time, there were these stories interesting in the topic, but in serious need of clarification:

1. G.V.Morozova V.P.Babyninu story about the case of "slow time" in the expedition to the Barca-Kelmes in 1960.

2. Letter Shevchenko in 1848 or 1849 about the "strange bones," he found on an island in the Aral Sea.

3. N.Bayzhanova G.Novozhilovu story about seeing his father and grandfather in the years 1830-40. flying reptile (Pteranodon?) for Barca-Kelmes, disappearances at the time.

4. Articles in the "Around the World" in the years 1960-66. the mysteries of Barca-Kelmes, including of the lost in 1930 on the island of the expedition, one of the participants claimed that three months later, it's been three days.

5. "The Tale of Koblandy Batyr and seven brothers", where the main magical episode — magical "enchanted island" in the Aral Sea, where time slows down a hundred times (three days — thirty-three years).

6. T.Dzholdasbekova S.Egimbaevu story about a "secret military base" in the Barca-Kelmes've seen the barracks, soldiers in a "secret form" and "laser gun".

7. Leopard-Kelmes is node "Sanderson grid" that is attracting attention.

It appears that the number of stories come to light, the apparent absence of a single source of misinformation, calls for further study of the issue.

Well, to be honest, I was a little truthfully listing items 1-4. Morozov was not found, as well as writing articles and Shevchenko in the "Around the World", an article Novozhilov no basis in fact (in most cases), and even the fact that the island fell into the node "grid Sanderson," is very doubtful — it was enough to close look at a map. But the tale! But stories Dzholdasbekova! I fumbled Lukyanenko, asking, demanding, pleading at any cost to knock me out of the unknown Sergent additional information.

Part 5. Write letters …

(Lukyanenko — G.Neverovu)


Hi, Gregory!

Received the "Annual Report". Thank you. Well done, great set to work. Serzhanov stuff I thought he turned his head for a long time, I read, was surprised. And then tried to give me a slap — alas, deserved. Reprinting a story, I instead of the Kazakh national game "Kyz kuu" printed "Kyz Korpesh" — that is another story altogether. The issue is not critical, but it took S. painful. So the crossing, if you can.

Sergent will soon be in that area. Try to find out something else.


Gregory, hello!

Send (Really?) Once printed translation of the letter Dzholdasbekov. In general, with him a solid fantasy. One time he came with something (I have almost been such cases). When he began to look for a copy — a few weeks and could not find a trace. Just know that it is a Sergent, but do not see him for two months or so. Was about to send the letter itself (Kazakh) and free paraphrase. But then found a copy, which is the loss did not know who to blame. He did not want to be without a single instance, decided to reprint it. Well, could not collect until I received your letter. Here it devoured conscience, threw things and sat at the typewriter.

I wrote as Sergent managed to shake T. Dzholdasbekova the letter with a story about B.-K. He wrote, though, warned that with this story he had enough, and that's enough to bother him. But — written, and even nakalyakal "pattern" (about the same quality as my copy of it). Sergent Grisha Savic processed letter, I read it … and was blown away. The tank? What if … Maybe fiction, but … Military Base with flying saucers? But there is an interesting version — UFOs — is CF! The probes of the future! Timur hardly heard about this hypothesis.

A rather amusing, especially as part of the description of the military does not.

Although … (And it's all a bit dampened my enthusiasm) I met with the local science fiction writer O. Zhanaydarovym (collectively published in the "expanses» N 7/89). I told him both stories … And he gave back to read his story (now published elsewhere), "U-Boat in the steppes of Kazakhstan." There it is … the military bases in the Aral Sea? And, according to Orynbay, bases there a dime a dozen. I began to re-examine — is true. Most of them have a secret military technicians. Said a few knowledgeable people. So it is, perhaps, this is a base.

Honestly, in this situation to be thrust deeper into the case is not too desirable. Orynbay told how he once exposed the entire roll of film cameras for the fact that we came close to the test site on the shore of the Aral Sea.

We've got no one to go swung summer. You see, for our guys exotic travel there. And there is: hot, nasty food and water, life in tents in uncomfortable weather, wandering in the wilderness, possible trouble with the military. And all this, alas, perhaps …

Annex to the letter

    The story of Timur Dzholdasbekova, minder RT-25, on the island of Barsa-Kelmes (excerpts from a letter from Kazakh S.Egimbaeva and H. Savitch)

"As for the Barca-Kelmes, he, in fact, rooted in the bank (komm.N 1). We passed when we flew bearing (komm. N 2). Work there for an hour, so we managed to evening Kanat. The rope went to bed, you know what he is a weakling. And I was miserable, and I went for a walk. I went probably an hour, did not go far. When went back, decided to cut off the road. Did not go along the coast and through the hills. There are two large hill is. I got one — I see. At first thought I had already come to his. And then was surprised that a light blue. Decided to go

look. Went a little — I look fence. As in armeyke.

I'm a little surprised. I think where it came from? Have long lived here, nothing had ever seen. But you and he was there, I saw nothing. And I look — one-story house, like our sheepfolds (komm. N 3), only iron chipped. In the middle, between the buildings, site concrete, even. On it were some kind of tank, in the form of strange, round, like a flying saucer, how about them in the papers. Around the site, another fence was the same as the outside of the wire squares, only lower. Between tanks stood antenna, steel pipe, twisted corkscrew. I saw these when I was serving on the "poles" of such antennas communicate with satellites (komm. N 4). Only in this tube was inserted for some reason, a transparent tube made of glass. In appearance like a gun came out. Between the tanks went two or three, I could not see them well, but I remember that they were unintelligible form. This bright, tight pants and broad-shouldered. And all is bright, though bulbs are not visible. They're probably hidden somewhere were. I think teaching can be prepared, or garrison secret. I looked a little bit, went further. If I saw a guard, began to find out: who's that. Why do I need this?

Came to him, and I think, what is the part? Time not seen, near the wire was, hands to touch her, saw no one. At home, at least for the barracks and the like, and no windows there.

In the morning I decided to go back and see. Nothing, no trace whatsoever. Told the children, they were laughing.

And here, at the farm, Sherali, he had been a foreman, said he had seen such houses, and in the same place. Once this has been a long time, about five years. A close approach he did not — over the houses helicopter hung shiny as the military. The rest did not believe me, they say that the Barca-Kelmes stupid things happen, but the military has not been seen (komm. N 5).


    1. The Aral Sea is dried so that the island in the summer, "connected" to the shore shallow water is not allowed, however, to pass the man, but prevents large sailing ships. Apparently, we mean it.

2. The accident apparently invented. Generally, the weather is good fishermen prefer to spend the night on a trawler at the shore, and not go home at night.

3. Fold — sheepfold. One of the most common forms — half cylinder.

4. T.Dzholdasbekov served on the communication station "Pole" located somewhere in Kyrgyzstan, near Frunze.

5. Somewhat doubtful assertion — see my letter.



Hi, Gregory!

1. Permission to go to the reserve is not required (if not take a gun and do not want to hunt.)

2. Route — through g.Shevchenko. Is there a flight from Moscow to Shevchenko or only through A-Ata?

3. B.-K. — Really "sinking into the earth." How to tell the guys that were there a year ago, the island for several years, has become a peninsula. Phrase from the letter to be understood literally, not figuratively, as I wrote in the comments.

4. In principle, a few guys from the club, the students of Kazakh State University, would like to go to B.-K. But … It is necessary to clarify, coordinate time … and money, of course.

5. Interested in whether the "Technology-Youth" island? And will it help with the expedition, if that happen? Even devices — to go with bare hands makes no sense.


Hi, Gregory!

I'm sending you the original letter Dzholdasbekova (Kazakh). Can leave you it is much more useful.

Letter Sergent "shaken" so. He was in the Aral Sea in recent years twice — once even after I managed to interest him B.-K. Alas, Timur the second time he did not find him — he went to stay with relatives, not in Taldykorgan, not in Aktobe.

As I understand it, the people of all these collective farms, quietly scatter — you know, that is the Aral Sea crisis. Work they have there now a little … Sergent left at some "girls" — seems to relatives of Timur D. — note where ƃ asked to tell about the "base". Especially not expect to succeed. But the fall of Timur came back to Aral (either returned at all, if temporarily), and the note said, the whole letter. The letter came first friend Sergent also Timur Dorzhanovu not, not even once like calling: the first time they went to the Aral Sea with him, and Timur Dzholdasbekov decided that the information they need. The one letter lain for two weeks, then he gave it to Serzhanov, who, again, not too soon to me. We did a short translation — well, then clear.

So it has come a long way writing and muddled, which partly explains its status.

Sergent, alas, in the Aral Sea region is not too often. Then just a couple of his trips coincided. As for this summer, it is definitely nothing to say can not, as he did not know. Alas, the club he is interested in so far as, and it is not too active, we appear. So, when it almost by force pulling. (I think I wrote that we call him behind his back, "Correspondence").

Well, talk to him, if you go through the Alma-Ata, of course, you can. We only need time to agree to not to miss.

On B.-K. unfortunately he was not. It looks like something in a letter Timur confused (or translation error, although it is doubtful).

Can our guys break Aral — clear only in the summer. I am in August and July and June, probably will be busy practice. Do not let go …

The original letter in Kazakh I needed not because I perfectly knew the language, and not because they have any doubts. I just had the idea that it should be verified whether the translation is correct and did not let there be any important details. Sostorozhnichal type …

However, this is not really matter. The island that summer, so no one went. A pity … How can I guess now, we would be guaranteed an unforgettable experience. But what was not to be, that is not meant to be. Instead, with the help of Tatyana Berezina, I was brought to the editors of "TM" to B. Ksionzheku, then head of the department is not the science, not science fiction. After a five-minute conversation, I left him with a certificate of pre-prepared presentation materials collected — and we said goodbye and promised to phone. Then I drove off to Tuva — a place as far away from Moscow, as well as from the Aral Sea, and the conversation completely slipped my mind.

As it soon turned out, in vain …

Part 6. Copper pipes.

From the Help section of the KLF V MSU on "A Study in Scarlet", left in the wording "Technical and Youth" in the summer of 1990 … We have to admit that the set of messages received, with the apparent low reliability of each of them, taken separately, are well within a fantastic model of the "periodic punctured space-time to narrow the local point of the island." In this respect, the most appropriate in terms of a comprehensive explanation is a fantastic writer Yu.Grekova hypothesis. Different types of phenomena such as the existence of man-made objects in layers of geological rocks, observing the "sea serpent", "snowman", etc. etc. Greeks "explains" as a result of our interface and inomernogo world or the result of "local deformation of space resulted in a local deformation of the time", resulting in a local area of a ground or surface inomernoy is coexisting with the modern. After the disappearance of conjugation may be material traces. This version would explain everything — from the time dilation (fluctuations … the process of non-uniform and caused me unknown factors) and the disappearance of people with appearances Pteranodon to "military base", which is built in, say, our inovremennye or alien counterparts. Unfortunately, the apparent simplicity of clues no evidence of its truth. However it is interesting that, according to the same V.Babynina, "Barca-Kelmes is node" grid Sanderson. " Also interesting is the fact that slowing the clock and chronometer — see, for example, "TM» N 12/83.

In the event that all, without exception, the data are false, the beauty and the internal consistency of the story still seems undeniable, and then it should be regarded as an excellent example of the fantastic work.

Here is the material I gave Vladimir (?) Ksionzheku sunny summer day in 1990. And this is what I saw one spring morning in 1991, opening the latest issue of "TM" …

<G.Neverov. "The Island," Will you go, do not go back. " photocopy articles>

Having read this mishmash of his own text and the works by an unknown author, I grunted and scratched his head. "Laugh!" But the consequences were far less trivial …

P. IL (Kuibyshev, KLF "flying wing") — Neverov

Hoping to … help you in your search (and being very interested in the exchange of information), we offer you some of our general considerations: the transition zone is always located on some hard surface, ascended above the surrounding solid surface. The lifetime T "transition zone" and its radius L is directly dependent on three factors: H — the height of the Ascension, open radius R and r.

Since most of the information about the existence of the transition zone, we obtain the optical path, and it is assumed that the object of observation is observed in reflected light, we argue that the object of observation "displayed" in a particular sector. Angle w defines a successful sector of observation. The distance L is determined by the flux, where Lmax is determined …

"Technology-Youth» N 2/92 (leader)

The most interesting articles … last year, readers have named: <…> and G.Neverova article "The Island Will you go-no-return."

"Tuvan truth" October 10, 1992 (reprint of the "Russian Newspaper")

Mysterious phenomena … the island Barsakelmes proving …

"Technology-Youth» N 4/93, p.28

It is worth mentioning … Cthulhu Barsakelmes (in Russian, "You go, do not go back") in the Aral Sea. How to tell the local people in the old days the fugitives, after being on the island, in their view, for several years, returned to the shore, where he spent a decade. Something strange happened on Barsakelmes with some modern scholars, Depart for half an hour from the coast inland, they were surprised to learn that they have been waiting day … ("TM» N 3 in 1991.)

And so on …

Part 7. This secret history of the island You go-no-return

or that it was in reality.

11/10/93 Lukyanenko — Neverov

Hi, Gregory!

Sorry I did not answer. I will not, on the advice of Carroll, to fill more than half the apology letter. Since the beginning of this letter I will send the article, or if you have time to finish and otkserit — all of it. And that very uncomfortable.

If satisfied with this text — to print.

PS This is not for publication, as well … Looking through the first letter of the MSU fan clubs convinced that the initial diagnosis was correct, "the birth of a new myth." And at the same time — the faith breathe a word about the "case of delay of the clock" (after all, written about him in the "TM"!)

   [The following is the text in the beginning of the file]

Sergei Lukyanenko, 1994

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