Destroy artifacts — evidence of our ancestors

PETERSBURG ARCHAEOLOGISTS judge refused to sign acts for on-site construction of the historical monument

In St. Petersburg on Thursday began a unique trial. For the first time in Russia sued archaeologists who discovered the valuable objects of cultural heritage, and refused to allow their destruction. It is a Swedish fortress Nyenskans and Landskrona and ancient fortress of the Battle of the Neva Ohtinskom cape. The remains of these castles are one of the main obstacles to the construction skyscraper "Gazprom". Fortresses are destroyed under Peter I, but the expedition leader Peter Sorokin found that they are remarkably well preserved. And refused to sign the deed for construction. The client is now accused of archaeologists in the failure of the contract.

The unprecedented trial of archaeologists said in an interview, "" Vasily Nefedov, the Institute of Archaeology of RAS.

It tells the scientist, the St. Petersburg Institute expedition "Heritage" under the contract with the builders working on Ohtinskom Cape from 2006 to 2009. In addition to the sites and writing scientific reports expedition leaders had to sign acts to transfer the studied areas for development.

When it became clear how well there are remains of medieval castles, famous for various historical documents, the expedition leader Peter Sorokin refused to sign these acts. According Nefedov, after Sorokin "simply expelled" from work. Now, scientists say, to disavow his position, "Gazprom" wants to blame Sorokin in breach of contract, that the expedition did not do anything, all the achievements are negligible, and in some way to taxi to the fact that cultural heritage is not there.

Officially Nyenskans are destroyed in the time of Peter I. After laying Petersburg Swedish fortress was razed declared. However, the head of the expedition, Peter Sorokin in the early nineties, found traces of the fortress, which was built on top of a Soviet factory. Once land has been given for the construction of the ill-fated "Ohta-Center", the customer was required to pay the excavations, as it protected zone, archeological objects. Peter Sorokin used this chance to find traces of the medieval buildings are destroyed.

At the moment, opened almost the entire area within the boundaries of the building site, and found that the safety of the two construction periods Nienschanz fortress of the 17th century and even more ancient fortress of Landskrona abroad ages 13-14 was much better than expected. It turned out that the construction of the factory buildings were not damaged ancient structures. Corps stood on concrete piles or shallow strip foundation, in their construction almost nothing destroyed. According to estimates made by the St. Petersburg expedition, moats, and the lower part of the walls and bastions Nyenschantz preserved all round to a height of four meters.

Destroy artifacts - evidence of our ancestorsIn the center of an even more ancient Swedish fortress of Landskrona dungeon was a wooden 6×6 meters. Its underground part is fully preserved to a depth of 4 meters. In the Swedish "Chronicle Eric" 14th century tells us that it was the last refuge of defenders Landskrona. When the Russian broke into the castle, knights hid in the basement of the tower and sat there until I gave in, told the archaeologist.

Only in the place where a state monopoly is going to build a skyscraper chetyrehsotmetrovy found well-preserved remains of four fortresses — three Swedish and one Russian, who consistently followed each other in one and the same place. Under these fortresses in a lower sediment revealed the remains of two, and maybe even more Neolithic sites with wooden buildings, which have from three to six thousand years.

The oldest discovered fortress dates from the 13th century. Istriki suggest that it was built in the era of Novgorod Alexander Nevsky, possibly after the Battle of the Neva, to secure a the region — the mouth of the Neva — and prevent further attempts to return to the Swedes.

"The result is a range of castles, historical, archaeological, and I note the military memorial. Here Russian soldiers died heroically at the beginning of the fourteenth, and in the early eighteenth century. He, among other things, shows that Petersburg itself — not an accident. Here, they built a city in the swamps … Not at all: it's a place earlier centuries mastered the two governments, the Swedish and Russian, "- says the historian Nefedov. According to archaeologists, the last fortresses Nyenskans Swedish, Russian troops took over one night in May 1703. After schturma several Swedish warships approached the castle, not knowing about the change of power, and were captured by Russian. This was the first naval victory of Russia over Sweden in the Northern War. For her Peter and Menshikov received the Order of St. Andrew. "There is a medal dedicated to taking these ships: the famous" is unprecedented. " The motto "Ohta Center" "Impossible is" stripped just with this medal. This is generally the height of cynicism "- outraged historian.


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