Developed a cheap and effective way to manufacture solar cells

Scientists at the research institute RTI International (USA) have developed technology to produce solar panels from a solution of semiconductor particles known as "colloidal quantum dots." With production costs of less than $ 20 per square meter (this is 75% less than the cost of the tiles on the traditional technology) the effectiveness of new panels to the best of the presented today on the market counterparts.

As it became known site, experiment solar energy conversion efficiency in the experimental samples was about 5%. In addition, the production of new cells in theory can be organized in a "roll-by-roll", when at room temperature on a continuous supply roll base material deposited photoactive layer.

However, they will have to compete rather than with existing technologies, and those that are still being developed — for example, with batteries made of cheap semiconductor materials. In this case, perhaps, their competitive advantage will be highly sensitive to infrared light.

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