Diamond stream on the tundra

In Yakutia, the most northerly in the world diamond mines mined 10 million carats of gemstones.

Diamonds in the north Anabarsky area in the arctic creek Mayat found in the Soviet years.
field camp Mayat

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Correspondent "RG" happened to be on the diamondiferous creek and even stand up on a huge pile of diamonds future.

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The bottom of the inside-out

A pile was the size of a multi-storey building. However, diamonds in it occupied only a fraction of a percent, and it was impossible to see them if they wanted to. Prepared for the enrichment of diamond-bearing rock is most reminiscent of conventional rubble.

— But the gems here, right under your feet — priiskateli laughed. — Moreover, in fairly large amounts.

Diamonds in the north Anabarsky area in the arctic creek Mayat found in the Soviet years. In prehistoric times the water washed away somewhere primary deposit, and made out the crystals. A part of them settled in the riverbed, some rolled into the river Anabar and even swam farther into the Arctic Ocean. But mine precious stones in deep waters is difficult, but in the creek, as it turned out, it's possible.

The first to go up the pendulum geologists and sinker. The bed of the stream for many thousands of years repeatedly changed, so the scouts are looking for main stream, in which the crystals are carried.

In drifters, perhaps, the most difficult job. Their mission — to cut through the bottom of a stream in the pits and extract samples, flushing which will allow geologists to conclude whether there is in this place diamonds. Each sample — it's tons of soil to raise the accounting manual gate into a roomy tub. But before you start to work in the same boat, alone sinker is lowered into the dark pit mouth of one of his friends — has to someone at the bottom of the bucket load.

On the driving of the guys usually gain from two villages of the district Anabarsky — Saskylaha and Yuryung Khaya. Other settlements in the northern region of Yakutia not.

Taken in various locations samples geologists neat piles stacked at its base, and each crowned with a stick nailed to criss-cross the plate with the location where the extracted soil. Due to these cross-sector plates geologists from afar like nowhere who took an old cemetery in the forest.

When winter comes and the stream is frozen to the bottom, on the contoured parts of geologists comes a powerful earth-moving machinery. Ice shovel in hand, but in precious naked bottom with a screech bite bulldozers and excavators.

Cubic meters of upturned bottom dump trucks dumped at the very bunch (it is called — a lot), growing by the day next to the processing plant. There diamond sands washed in a closed cycle.

Often, the pendulum find large diamonds, which subsequently assigned names. The first such jokingly called the "butt." He was remarkably similar to the smoking pipe with a broken shank.

Polar watch

The earliest prospectors in the pendulum began 13 years ago, young miners Matvey Evseev, Ivan Andreev and several of their associates. Diamonds are washed in the usual stalls, standing knee-deep in the icy water — earned radiculites and money for the development of the enterprise.

At this stream as opposed to development of primary deposits and now employs few people. There, next to the kimberlite pipes, rose city with paved streets, palaces and pools. And the city does not need a pendulum. Even a small temporary village, built up wooden houses have to move to another place where a creek runs out diamonds.

Living here, one after another, hundreds of shift workers. Surprisingly it looks lived-in snout, suddenly opening in the middle of the forest-tundra, with many hundreds of kilometers away from roads and airfields. Thousands of tons of cargo, including appliances, building materials, equipment, plants and processing plants, products, and even toothpaste bring in these lonely places can only be on the winter road. Supplier forget about some small change — will have letovat without a book or a helicopter.

The people here work in shifts, with the vast majority — the local people. From outside the Republic of the company's management, "writes" experts only in extreme cases, such as in Yakutia is not found. Basically it necessary to train local youth professions, transplanted to rural tractor heavy bulldozers — giving people earn extra money.

Some so drawn into these watches, that the wives and children only go on leave. You will see a shift workers at home, with friends to celebrate the arrival (on the pendulum — Prohibition), will help the family and relatives of the hay mow, take a trip to the hunting-fishing, skiing and re-peeled to the office of the enterprise.

Personnel officers watch not extend to any such laborer. Wonder whether such damage is not long absences family well-being.

Master of repair of fuel equipment, and part-local poet Vladimir Yaling wrote humorous quatrain, which became a hit on the claim:

I always love my wife

And all her attention,

But doubly love her

I am at a distance.

Vladimir, who works on the pendulum almost since the opening of the mine and is at home a few weeks a year, regularly sends living near Yakutsk wife writing on 10 — 15 pages, and only in verse.

— Not only high earnings are tightened, — said one of the bulldozer. — Here and nature, and the work and human relations — all of relief, now. This way you look at life.

Some shift workers call themselves the last romantics of the North. Although immediately recognized that come here not for romance, and for good money.

With the animals — the world

Technology, in which work directly in the stream bed are conducted only during the cold season, is the most gentle to the environment. Spring water carry away the muddy slurry from the bottom in the ruined Anabar, and once Mayat is a low-water period, in his usual climb spawning grayling.

Generally, people and animals are not interfering with each other. On the heels of the roaring bulldozers, opened the bottom of the stream, go white ptarmigan, busily pecking prehistoric stones and shells. Give bulldozer reverse — the birds run back to the edge of the generation, and then again follow the car, looking for something under the clanging tracks. In winter, the snow-covered tundra food is hard to find, so the diamond design for the birds — a real diner.

— Diamonds, I suppose, too, peck — laughing is one of the oldest employees of the mine Boris Gazizov. — Bird stones in the stomach needed for grinding coarse food, and diamond — the strongest grater.

Find food at the camp and foxes, do not leave unattended dump. One animal at all caught in the dining room, like the stray dog. To him and treated like little dog, feeding him bones. Friendship ended when the fox snapped at the finger of one of shift workers, who tried to pet him.

Bitten appointed rabies shots, and the procedures it had to be sent to the city. And the "ungrateful beast", which deprived monthly wage laborer, priiskateli driven away.

Life on the pendulum flows rather monotonous. Employment — short rest — sleep — work ag
ain. Monotony add long polar days and nights, when the sun shines for a few months around the clock, and then disappears below the horizon for such a long time, it seems that it generally ceased to exist as a natural phenomenon.

Wild animals, periodically appearing in sight priiskateley make their life a little more diverse. Once the wolves were driven by Mayat herd of deer — stories about it enough for a few rotational shifts. However, the old-timers mine say that the deer was only one, and it turned into a herd through the efforts of successive generations of storytellers.

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