Dinosaurs — UFO pilots?

March 6, 2012 19:40

Cases of flight delay automatic interplanetary stations (AWS) launched into deep space, seen since the early 1970s. Some unknown force acts on the spacecraft, changing the parameters of their movement.
The official said the NASA John Anderson, one of the experts in the AMC, the cause of these changes is not yet possible.

Disorder in Space

American station "Pioneer 10", launched in 1972, first flew through the asteroid belt near Jupiter and conducted their investigation.
When she reached the third cosmic velocity, in 1983, came out of the solar system, the movement of the station suddenly slowed down, and the trajectory has changed.
After starting in 1973, "Pioneer 11" closer to Saturn, and in 1993 came out of the solar system, the unit also has "slow down" and "take away". Showed similar oddities and sent into space probes "Ulysses" and "Galileo" and "Cassini", flown 31 December 2000 near Jupiter and then headed to Saturn.
Based on the laws of celestial mechanics and conventional wisdom, the researchers suggest that the parameters of the probe may affect an unknown planet or cluster of large asteroids. If so, they should be on the edge of the solar system, beyond Pluto, somewhere between the constellations of the Bull and Gemini.
But there are other assumptions that explain these strange phenomena and based on the authors hypotheses, very convincing arguments.

Admired than King Harold II?

Bayeux Tapestry (detail)

The Museum of Bayeux (Bayeux), in the north-west of France, presented a unique tapestry XI century length of 70 meters. The tapestry depicted many important events of the era, including the famous battle of Hastings October 14, 1066 between the troops of the Anglo-Saxon King Harold II and the Duke of Normandy, William the Conqueror.
There is a tapestry and the scene, dated March of the same year: King Harold II, surrounded by courtiers watching a celestial phenomenon.
But what kind?
Latin inscription below the image reads: Isti mirant stella, which can be translated as "They see a star." It is considered that this is Halley's Comet, which is just in March 1066 was to appear in the sky. But the tapestry it looks very strange, rather reminding shuttlecock badminton than a bright star.
It is known that the ancient masters very accurately transferred to the fabric details of the plot. This is, in particular, in the realistic portrayal of household items in all represented on the tapestry scenes.
Consequently, there is no reason to believe that, if observed the king and his retinue of "stars" weavers withdrew from its principles.
So what attracted the attention of Harold II in the skies over England in March 1066? Most of all it's like … the spacecraft. For example, a missile with a mirror photon engine or with a solar sail. Then it turns out that the king saw a spaceship belonging to the unknown, it is developed in the scientific and technical sense of civilization! And this fact is documented captured in the famous tapestry.

Artifacts — stubborn!

But what is this civilization? For a long time in different media there are reports of detection on different continents fossilized footprints (as barefoot and shod). These trails have tens of millions of years. One of these fossils recently found in the limestone rocks of central Slovakia Dr. Milos Jesenská, Slovak journalist, writer and researcher of anomalous phenomena. Age prints, the authenticity of which is not with opinions, was …
55 ± 5 million years. This means that the person who left the tracks could not live in the same time as dinosaurs, and "talk" with them! Well, let's say, theoretically, I could. And where is the evidence? They are.
In particular, in the book "Mystery of Acambaro," Charles H. Hapgood, an American archaeologist and explorer of the unknown. The book, published in New York in 1973 and reprinted in 2000, tells about found near Acambaro Mexican village (Guanajuato) figurines of clay and stone (found more than 33 thousand pieces), depicting people, animals, various objects, genre scenes, and … a lot of different kinds of dinosaurs. Dimensions extracted from the earth sculptures — from two centimeters to 1.8 meters. Radiocarbon dating showed that the age of the ancient artifacts of over 6,500 years.
But how then can people learn not only about the appearance, but also the very existence of the dinosaurs, extinct for millions of years before the appearance of man on earth?
And here's another paradox. Among the thousands of petroglyphs (ancient rock carvings) found in Kazakhstan, a professor of zoology lustinovich Marikovskii Paul (1912-2008), there are images of "bolshenoga" — Bigfoot, as well as animals, much like the dinosaur Diplodocus. Hence, the ancient inhabitants of Kazakhstan mountain valleys were also aware of the existence and appearance of prehistoric animals?

Our older brothers on reason — dinozavroidy

So (hypothetically) looked antropozavr

In "Comet linearization and the mystery of a vanished civilization," published in 2002, Robert Lesnyakevich — journalist and writer, Vice-President of the Polish Center for the Study of anomalous phenomena (CBZA) — raises an interesting hypothesis.
The gist of it is this. About 65 million years ago the Earth was a global catastrophe — most likely a huge powerful explosion caused by the collision of the planet with a giant asteroid. Products of the explosion rose into the sky and the atmosphere for a long time — perhaps for several years — has ceased to be transparent to the
sunlight. In the sudden darkness, and in the cold snap quickly killed many plants and animals, including many species of dinosaurs, but not all. Those who did not differ in size and had a large adaptability to climate change, have survived. Dinosaurs of the species lived in the polar regions of the ancient southern continent, uniting then Antarctica and Australia, which is whole, united isthmuses with South America.
It belonged to the said form and herbivorous dinosaurs, moving on two legs ornithopods, which was characterized by a particularly high "frost." When three or four months, came the Antarctic winter and the temperature dropped a few degrees below freezing, the animals fell into a state of suspended animation — "hibernation." But they were able to survive in this state for a longer period, so that some of them, which is likely, experienced and global cooling. During further evolution, which lasted millions of years, some branch ornithopods could develop so that reptiles have acquired the rudiments of reason and the capacity for abstract thought, so that over time turned into Dinosauria sapiens — Dinosaur reasonable or dinozavroidov, who created our planet its highly scientific and technological civilization. Since dinozavroidy, unlike people who have a natural ability to be in a state of suspended animation (which in the course of evolution as developed and refined), it opened the way for them to master the cosmos. And they might even primitive "slow" spacecraft using chemical fuel, to reach planets of the solar system and the start of their development and settlement. And maybe have gone further.
And when people finally reach the nearest planets, and they will "look around", then maybe they will be met there by representatives of distant galaxies and beings from other dimensions, and the descendants of Dinosauria sapiens, who lived on Earth long before the emergence of her humanity. Incidentally, among the main types of "Aliens", which allegedly found humans, one of the foremost is reasonable reptiles, descriptions are very similar to dinozavroidov sculptures of Acambaro.
And what may seem to be fantastic hypothesis Lesnyakevicha and his colleagues, it can explain many mysterious events in the near-Earth space, as well as in near and far space.
And, as they say, is in place, if it is assumed that the unexplained phenomena — as in the solar system and beyond — "a hand» Dinosauria sapiens. Not with malicious intent, but from a desire to find out what is achieved in the development of civilization of ancient fellow-humans, which is separated from them for millions of years and miles.


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