Display the image of her late husband on the wall

September 8, 2012 15:15

Terrified widow was forced to ask for help of a Catholic priest, after the image of her late husband began to be shown on the wall in the bedroom.

41-year-old Andrea Samuels (Andrea Samuels) claims that four years after the death of her husband, the image of his face began to appear all the more clearly on the bedroom wall of her home in Carlisle (UK). Andrea also says that he heard howling her dead dog when he's in the bathroom.

On Wednesday, visited her father Paul Dedson (Paul Dadson), and sprinkled all the rooms in the house with holy water. Priest confirmed that he had seen on the wall, it is very similar to the image of the person, and even saw a picture on the ceiling, like a part of the animal's body.

Andrea says it is the image of her dead dog, a boxer named Hub (Hoob) and she said the house now focusing impure forces. New furniture itself is broken, pictures falling off the walls, and when the walls began to show images from Andrea went to a real band troubles in life.

In addition to the sprinkling of holy water, the priest read the rooms Andrea few prayers. According to the priest is the second time in his 13 years of work, when he is summoned to a haunted house. Widow hopes it will help and rites impure forces would leave her and her house alone.

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