Dmitry Bondarenko: Experts know that we do not agree with the version of suicide

On the second day of the Minsk OSCE experts on the death of Oleg Bebenina met up with his friends who do not believe in the suicide theory of the journalist.

Forensic experts from Norway and Sweden arrived in Minsk at the invitation of the Belarusian authorities to review the verification of the death of the journalist of "Charter 97" Oleg Bebenina October 25. The next afternoon, foreign experts have been studying the materials testing, and today met with the people investigators interviewed during the inspection.

Among them — the coordinator of "European Belarus" Dmitri Bondarenko and Fedor Pavlicenco friend Oleg Bebenina. Did the experts that Pavlicenco Bondarenko and do not believe in the suicide theory, first of all I askedDmitry Bondarenko.

"Yes. They said that they were familiar with our responses to surveys in the materials testing in the prosecutor's office and asked us why we believe that it was murder. Then we talked about the contradictions in this matter. That diverge even data about the death of Oleg Bebenina the employees who were at the scene of death, and in sudmedeksperta who did autopsy. Also told that there were no professional and psychological motives for suicide Oleg that he was in good psychological shape and doing the election campaign Sannikov. The fact that the threats to journalists and Oleg site were from the beginning of the year and, at least, is still going on. And the fact that the prosecution does not consider the other versions, as we expect. "

What the experts met with people who do not believe in the suicide theory Oleg Bebenina and have some reason to do so, Mr. Bondarenko considers very important.

InFedor Pavlicenco experts are particularly interested in information about the scene, as in the materials testing Fedor designated as witnesses on the spot death. It is known that Pavlicenco helped police carry the body of the deceased Bebenina from the country in the car.

Dmitry Bondarenko and Fedor Pavlicenco noted the professionalism of questions of experts, and their interest in the details in the case.

It is known that experts are working in conditions of confidentiality. How did it affect the conversation and it public?

Bondarenko"I specifically asked whether or not they are against our comments to these meetings? They said that they are independent experts and can meet with anyone. Reiterated that while they would not want to mention their names, but said that in contacts with journalists, we can certainly talk about talking to them. "

By Dmitry Bondarenko and Fedor Pavlicenco, experts also intend to meet with relatives of Oleg Bebenina.

Bondarenko"As far as we understand, on Friday 29 October they plan to leave."

September 3 at the cottage near Minsk in the loop was found dead journalist Oleg Bebenin, the founder of the opposition website "Charter 97". Checking the causes of death of the journalist extended until November. The prosecutors say that the most probable version of suicide Bebenina, in that they do not believe his friends and colleagues.


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