Due to the wind electricity is out in more than four thousand people in the Arkhangelsk region

MOSCOW, Oct. 10 — RIA Novosti. Energy branch of JSC "IDGC of North-West" — "Arkhenergo" — restore power in the south of Arkhangelsk region, where long rains and strong wind left without electricity for more than four thousand people, according to the press service of the company.

"Currently, the team of Power" Arkhenergo "refurbish staff work 123 substations and 10 kV overhead lines 6-10 and 17 taps. These studies involved 22 teams of Power Belsky and Plesetsk electrical networks consisting of 59 people, 22 units of equipment," — said in a statement.

Main disconnect power lines (PTL) occurred on Sunday afternoon, when the southern region has steadily worsened weather conditions. According to forecasters, during the day wind gusts reached 17 meters per second, in the afternoon the weather improved. At this point in the region were recorded strong winds or heavy rain.

According to the company, the primary task of experts — assess the extent of damage caused to the bad weather, having carried out patrols LEP. Members of the operational staff do not rule out that the restoration work will involve mobile teams from neighboring industrial units. A system of monitoring the progress quickened recovery and high availability mode.

All repair work, the company expects to complete during the day.

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