During the change of the magnetic poles of the Earth sun burn humanity

During the change of the magnetic poles of the Earth sun burn humanityThe most dangerous of the potential disaster on a planetary scale — inversion, that is, changing the polarity of the magnetic field of the Earth. At the time of the inversion weakens its strength, leaving people vulnerable to solar radiation. According to academician Shemyakin and the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Sergei Tsygankov, the inversion process has begun, and humanity is the only way to escape — to build a giant underground shelters. Scientists published an article in the journal "Herald of the RAS" under "Point of View".

Earth's magnetic field protects all life from the solar radiation. Its characteristics are constantly changing throughout the history of the planet at different intervals. The substance inside the Earth is warming up, but on the surface cools. The first process is accompanied by an increase in the Earth's radius, and the second — a decrease. The radius of the Earth is pulsating, causing the difference in the angular velocities of rotation of the external hard shell (the mantle), liquid and solid core. If the mantle core rotates faster, it creates a direct box if slowly — otherwise. Therefore, regular change of the radius of the Earth causes the inversion of the magnetic field.

According to geological data, the inversion of the magnetic field over the last 4.5 million years occurred four times. Scientists note that the periods of steady state magnetic field last 160-200 million years ago, coinciding with large-scale tectonic and climatic cycles.

At the time of field inversion its intensity decreases by 5-10 times, but less noticeable change has a negative impact on the livelihood and security of the world, as the proportion of cosmic radiation reaching the Earth's surface, equivalent to a decrease of geomagnetic field. According to various services, powerful magnetic storms cause burst frequency of heart attacks, increase in the number of accidents at the power lines, systems of television, radio and satellite communications. What to say about broader changes.

In moments of the sharp increase in solar activity (or reduce the magnetic field) is a partial destruction of the biota. Therefore, for the expedition to Mars to protect astronauts from cosmic rays and solar plasma flow. According to the calculations of American specialists for the flight will die from cancer and 15% of the crew. A decrease in the magnetic field during the inversion can in a short time to completely destroy humanity.

According to the observatory observations, the magnetic field of the Earth over the past 170 years, weakened by almost 10-15%, and the rate of the process increases. From 1980 to 2000, formed new land inverse magnetic field, in particular, under the eastern coast of North America and the Arctic. Education sites with opposite polarity can be considered as the first signal of a possible global polarity.

Stop the process of humanity can not. E.Shemyakin and S. Tsygankov consider necessary to develop scientific prediction of the formation, change and reversal of the magnetic field as well as a system to protect humanity from the first of an unprecedented disaster in its history. Advanced technical capabilities do not allow to create a protective shield, the equivalent geomagnetic field, so have to hide behind the outer hard shell of the Earth. A layer of rocks a few meters misses almost none of the hazardous radiation. According to researchers, the use of underground space will give a chance to survive during the inversion of the field, which will last several thousand years.

The use of underground space for security opens a new approach to its development — not only as a source of raw materials, but also as a habitat, the only one able to protect humans. Task to translate a large population and production under the earth for thousands of years have not got up to humanity, nor practical nor theoretical solutions, it has not. However, circumstances force irresistible force to urgently transform the Earth into a man-made spacecraft. This involves unprecedented in complexity and cost of the amount of work. Therefore, although the inversion, according to some estimates, there will come no earlier than a thousand years, to begin preparation of this grand project to today.

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