During the dialogue with the authorities, but — not at any price

Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership issued a statement in which he gave an assessment of the authorities' attempts to establish a dialogue with non-governmental organizations. Forum participants expressed distrust of the authorities' actions in this area, which they call a hasty and undemocratic.

A few days ago Senior Committee Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership received an appeal from the representatives of the Public Advisory Board at the Administration of the President, a statement of readiness to join its activities. However, what has this structure does not conform to the principles of equal dialogue, says Speaker Forum Sergei Mackiewicz:

"The presence of civil society in Belarus, forcing the government to engage in dialogue. But we must be able to conduct this dialogue. And then it turns out that power build another vertical civil society. And it can not be vertykalizavanay as the state bureaucracy. And so the real civil society protests against the imposition of such a model. "

It turns out that power build another vertical civil society.

One example of unacceptable conditions for dialogue of civil society and government representatives of the third sector, called the project "Capacity building for cooperation between government and civil society organizations" Jury Zagumennov with the support of the OSCE. The head of the public organization of wheelchair users Sergei Drozdowski on this occasion said:

"Our participation was formalized enough: no one interested in our opinion, is not interesting for us to be subjects of the dialogue within the framework of this project. And so, we thought it impossible to our participation in this project. "

Representatives of the Civil Society Forum argue that haste in engaging in dialogue with the state can be caused by a visit to Belarus representatives of the European institutions. Nevertheless they are open to cooperation, but this requires a number of conditions, including normalized framework, special programs in various fields, said spokeswoman Forum Elena Tonkacheva:

"It is important to fix that there is a group that will monitor the cleanliness of the process and legitimize it by participating, but if this process is to meet certain standards."

As stated by representatives of the Civil Society Forum as a true willingness government to dialogue with the public, government officials will participate in the meeting of the participants of the National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Forum, to be held in Minsk on November 1.


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