Dying European civilization

The phrase that the former mother country can become colonies of the former colonies of their own in the last couple of years, all the accented implemented in reality. Immigrant hordes that fill European countries now can fully recall the majestic migration of peoples, which triggered the search for the best life.

Dying European civilization

If we talk about statistics, but now in almost all the big European countries are witnessing the most intense growth of specific migration of the population. Namely, the number of immigrants in Italy is estimated at 4.6 million people (7.5% of the population), France — 3.8 million (6.1% of the population) in Germany — 7.2 million (almost 9% of the population). And that's only the official statistics. Professionals in the field of demography related to migration flows tend to talk about the numbers, which are very small, at 300-500 thousand people for each of the designated states higher. It turns out that in Germany, one in ten, and in Italy every 12th person has no concern to the indigenous population. Not a lot of what has not, and is not going to pour myself into the latest Wednesday. Given that specifically in the middle of immigrant communities from Africa, the Near East, Asia is booming birth rate, we can talk about the fact that, while maintaining the existing policy in 30-35 years the number of "Vikings" in the same European states could equal in number to the number of indigenous inhabitants. And this is the problem, which has connotations of civilization.

With what right did this subtext may be linked?

The fact that the preservation of the European principles of public consciousness when the public status must necessarily be equal regardless of skin color, profession, sexy, economic or political preferences, can lead to degeneration of the most genuine traditional European nations. If you are already immigration pressure in the EU (well, in Russia too) is so great that even quite a small group of immigrants able to dictate terms to the whole city blocks, municipality, or even a particular region, not particularly paying attention to the local laws and customs, the fact that the same will be tomorrow … And the picture is completely trivial when the metropolis will be absorbed by their own colonial "suckers."

Sociology in this plan looks ruthless science, because it leaves no chance weak and constantly going to compromise the public. If 10 man can impose its will tysche people, the representatives of this very thousand times can convince themselves of their tolerance, but a place under the sun in them will remain smaller. In this case, the work is not even fully public law, law natural selection, when survival is truly of strongest.

European civilization, to which we sometimes so want to carry yourself as confident strides on the path samovyrozhdeniya. Opening the doors to immigrants in the last century, is now the entrance to the European public field remains wide open. Slam that door has neither the 1st euro policy of the highest rank did not have the strength. On the one hand prevent the traditional norms of humanism, which once saw a progressive and able to give an impetus to the development of Europe (what happened), on the other hand — the immigrants who are already in every way ready to hang on to his new position and did not stop the way his countrymen, an inexhaustible flow of stay with the purpose to start the latest life. And if a couple of centuries back the humanistic ideas in Europe could indeed provoke a strong impetus to the economic and socio-political development of the region, but now they also drive the whole of European civilization in the most real impasse.

Homes in this matter is so called Muslim immigration process. It is due to the fact that in recent years in the EU are increasingly began arriving immigrants who profess Islam. The statistics they say that out of the total number of Muslims of European migrants may reach 3 quarters. For obvious reasons, the problem lies not in Islam because this religion, like other religions of the world, is a purely positive grain, and this problem is first connected with the conflict between individuals, that some forces use media to incite hatred.

Often comes to the so-called working racism or revenge, racism, oppressed and insulted when you can fully consider the native French in Paris or indigenous Britons in London. Now even the police of these states are not always risks go to those areas, where the vast majority of immigrants from countries such as Pakistan, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco or Algeria. In these areas, a thriving drug trade, commerce tool, prostitution and other fruits of the euro multiculturalism. Specifically from these areas go the same "European" terrorists, who yesterday in the hold of the ship arrived at the south of Italy or France, and is now given the task to become Mujahideen and die "for the faith," blowing yourself in a busy place. It is here with the full propaganda appearing mass movement against nasty movies, cartoons, stock-burning sacred books. With all of this when you consider that the majority living in the so-called disadvantaged areas do not even have a spare pair of socks and unblemished own roof over your head, we can only speculate about where they will find out about some of the provocative tapes shot on donations confusing people. In all this did not stop to marvel at the fact that the force of all these obscurantists non-European origin can not work any European politician, but going under the revanchist slogans and dancing on burning flags of states, which is now live, these people with an enviable organized. It says that some of their work and no one thinks to make — tolerant European laws forbid any pressure on the individual. But the system cane cultivated their own traditions and anger against their new neighbors are doing real miracles: zahochut — crush the police station, zahochut — and take the Bastille (if such remains) …

British demographers have spent so referred to as color differentiation London. Each city block was painted on a map of the capital in a certain color, which corresponded to a particular racial group accommodation. In compiling this kolorirovannoy card experts at the British used the data of the demographic survey conducted in Albion in 2010. So, according to the research it was found that in London two years back lived 71% snow-white population, 11% — of black British, 12% — the Asian population, 3% — representatives of South-East Asia, 2% — other. And the number of white British shrinking every year …

Catchy that in London, as in almost all other European capitals, had to form entire neighborhoods whose inhabitants are not going to join in a great social life, and try to keep only introduced by the law. High-profile cases with the Muslim communities in which to bypass the laws of many European countries, polygamy is allowed and does not follow a simple constitutional provisions shakes European society, but a wave of resentment out on a very right wing. Formed numerous neo-Nazi association, which announced that they are ready to clean up a steel hand. But most of the euro and the society is now suffering from one, and the other, due to its ultimate absorption in the endless tolerance. Even the European laws are now able to protect everybody, not only the native Europeans living under these laws.

Now Muslim polygamy and "mnogodetstvu" reckless tolerant and multicultural Europe is in an increasing number of same-sex marriage … Yeah — a decent answer, do not say anything. One gets the impressio
n that someone is just deliberately pushes European civilization to extinction.

By the way, if we (Our Fatherland) is to PACE and do in this obscure company millions in fees, why not identify the problem of extinction in Europe and the Europeans to focus on the joint solution of this complex puzzles. And that after all the Europeans on the Rights of the Russian Federation and our man in the near future are baked much more than the rights of their own people as an indigenous …

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