Earthquake in the Amur region

Earthquake in the Amur regionMOSCOW, Oct. 14 — RIA Novosti. Magnitude earthquake that struck at 10:10 MSK in the Amur region, according to preliminary data was 6.2, told RIA Novosti on duty Geophysical Service RAS.

"The information has not come from all stations can be 6.3 and 6.4", — added the agency interlocutor.

According to her, the epicenter of the earthquake was located 7 kilometers east of the village Tahtamygda Skovorodinsky district of the Amur region, 134 kilometers southwest of Tynda. Hearth aftershocks was at a depth of 10-15 kilometers.

"This is a strong earthquake, the epicenter of the earthquake force was 8 points," — said the ward.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the magnitude of the earthquake in the Amur region was 5.9. The epicenter was located 130 kilometers southwest of Tynda.

Earlier, the head of the press service of the Far Eastern Regional Center of Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Viktorov told RIA Novosti that the magnitude of the earthquake in the Amur region was approximately 6.4.

Wall of the boiler house in Skovorodino collapsed during the earthquake 

Blagoveshchensk, October 14 — RIA Novosti, Svetlana Mayorov. City Skovorodino Amur region, which is closest to the epicenter of the earthquake was located at the time was no power, because of the strong aftershocks struck the wall of one of the boilers, there are no victims, told RIA Novosti the control housing of "Bureyagesstroy" Anastasia Muzurantova.

According to the emergency department of the Amur, an earthquake of magnitude 5.9 occurred on Friday at the border and Skovorodinsky Tynda areas at a depth of 13 kilometers. The epicenter was 760 kilometers north-west of the village of Talakan Bureya district and 25 kilometers north-west of Solov'ev Tynda district. Tremors felt the people of almost all districts.

"Boiler room serves one of the neighborhoods Skovorodino. Destroy the walls, the equipment was not damaged, so no problems with heating. Boiler, as the whole town was temporarily de-energized. Absence information supply boilers came from villages Dzhalinda, Tahtamygda, Bolshoy Never, Sunny and BAM station, "- said the interviewee.

According to RIA Novosti Assistant Director Olga FEDC Amelchenko, energy de-energized towns was restored about an hour after the earthquake.

"At the station, transformer substation de-energized BAM duty as instructed. So Tahtamygda remained without electricity, solar and BAM. After bypassing was conducted, which showed that the continuity of life-threatening people not included in the substation work" — Omelchenko said.

The earthquake did not lead to a halt traffic on the Trans-Siberian — MES 

MOSCOW, Oct. 14 — RIA Novosti. Earthquake in the Amur region has not led to a halt of train Trans-Siberian Railway, despite the failure of the two substations, told RIA Novosti the Far East Regional Emergency Center of Russia.

According to some data, two substations at BAM "BAM Pulling" and "Big Omutnaya" out of order in the quake. According to the MOE, the epicenter was located in the Amur region, two kilometers north of the railway station of BAM.

"Movement of the Trans-Siberian Railway is not stopped, the speed is reduced by site-Sgibneva Taldan to 40 kilometers per hour," — said the source.

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