Ecologist from Russia won an award for tiger conservation project

Director of the Russian Fund for Wildlife "Phoenix" Sergei Bereznyuk was awarded Rolex Awards for Enterprise, which is given to support various humanitarian projects around the world.

Bereznyuk won a conservation project for a Red Siberian tiger in the Far East.

Fund project consists of two areas: the fight against poaching and educational projects. These projects mainly work in small towns and villages of tiger habitat where people explain the importance of conservation of this species, ways to fight and prevent poaching.

"This small organization like ours, it is very difficult to raise funds, but the Tigers can not wait, and thanks Rolex Awards for Enterprise, we can develop both directions", — said Bereznyuk ceremony announcing the winners in London.

Bereznyuk project will receive funding in 2013.

Besides the Russians this year, prizes were awarded to American Barbara Block for the study of marine predators off the coast of the United States in the Pacific Ocean, Eric Kueyyar of Bolivia, working for the preservation of wildlife in South America, Mark Kendall, developing innovative pharmaceutical projects in Australia and Aggrey Otieno working with infants and young mothers and midwives in Kenya.

Rolex Awards for Enterprise has been awarded since 1976 for the development of projects in the field of science and health, technology, environment and cultural heritage. The award was established by the former head of the Rolex Andre Hayningerom to mark the 50th anniversary of the world's first waterproof watch, chronometer Oyster. Every two years, the five winners of the awards were presented, which selects the expert international jury. Each holder of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise receives 100,000 Swiss francs (about 105,000 dollars).

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