Elections soon, so we decided not to spoil a stable situation

Mrs."We understand why this is happening. Soon after the election. Therefore, no one wants to advertise something to tell. Look at television footage: we are fine, opened the palace of sports, we have a new hospital, but that problem — try not to talk on it. Here in Russia was a tragedy that no one is hiding information. And the Russian president spoke, all voiced. And then — all is well, all is well, all blossoms. Hide information from the people on the eve of the election. "

Mrs."This is a real lack of respect for people, hide information, ignore the consequences. It should not be. "

Mr."If there is no decision to declare mourning, so live it well."

Mrs."I do not know and have not heard about the crash. Always listen to the radio, but there's nothing about it was said. "

Mr."Why do you ask such questions? Well, what with the fact that the tragedy occurred? We have so many people on the road dying. While on the other hand, sorry this happened. One would like to express sympathy to the families, but people have still not come back. "

Mr."Mourning is declared when a lot of sacrifice. And then, apparently, felt that the small number of deaths, which is not worthy of the attention of the government. Trouble if there are victims."

Mr."Yes it is clear now that the election campaign. So we decided to not spoil the overall "stable" situation. "

Mrs."Apparently they find that it is not a tragedy."

Mrs."It seems to me that they decided not to disclose this information. Often, the same show that we are all very well in the workplace. And in fact, everywhere terrible breach of safety regulations. Our employers do not care about people's safety. "


survey, Pinsk

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