Emergencies Ministry warns of increasing winds and blizzards in Chukotka

Strong winds of 40 meters per second with a snowstorm expected in northern Chukotka on Thursday, reports GUMCHS.

"According Chukotgidromettsentra, November 29, in Chukotka expected south-easterly wind with reinforcements to 12-17 meters per second, on the coast of the East Siberian Sea and Bering Sea gusts may reach 18-23 meters per second. A day in the town of Pevek wind speed can reach 28-33 meters per second with gusts up to 40 meters per second with a snowstorm, "- said the representative of the Emergencies Ministry.

According to him, the rescuers recommend residents Chaun district and its administrative center Pevek take all necessary measures to ensure their own safety and the safety of property, not to leave the settlements without having to leave home, to be vigilant and not to leave children unattended.

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