Emergency mode introduced in Pur district of Yamal due to forest fires

Municipal authorities have introduced emergency mode in Pur region of the Yamal-Nenets autonomous district because of the complex fire situation, said on Wednesday the press service of the department of forestry UFD.

Emergency mode introduced on Tuesday. Press service said that the fire in the region assigned to the fourth class of high risk.

"The introduction of state of emergency to ensure timely buildup of forces and means in accordance with the master plan put out forest fires, as well as the provision of an advance force of the federal reserve parachute fire services for the possible transfer of" forest SWAT "the deterioration of the situation" — said in a statement.

According to the environment in the district registered 39 fires, 10 of which are localized. One of the fires raging in the Upper Taz Reserve.

Since the beginning of the fire season in 2012 on the Yamal recorded 372 natural fires on an area of 37.6 hectares.

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