Emergency mode introduced in three districts of Tomsk region because of forest fires

A state of emergency because of forest fires introduced in the three northern regions of Tomsk region — Alexander, Verkhneketskyi and Kargasok, said on Friday the press service of the regional Emergencies Ministry.

"In the three municipalities (Alexander, Verkhneketskyi and Kargasoksky areas), where he established the fifth grade fire, introduced a state of emergency. By order of the Governor in eight municipalities — Alexander, Kargasoksky, Parabelsky, Kolpashevsky, Verkhneketskyi, May Day, and Teguldetsky Molchanovsky areas — a regime of limiting citizens' stay in the woods and enter their vehicles, "- said in a statement.

According to the department, high (class 4) and extreme (class 5) fire danger will remain in some areas of the region by the end of June.

According to the air base in Tomsk forest protection, on Friday in the Tomsk region are 14 forest fires, five — in Verkhneketskyi district, four — Alexander, three — in Kargasok, two — Molchanov, and one — in Asino, and Bakcharsky Kolpashevo areas. The total area of forest fires is more than 3 hectares.

In this case, MOE said that the threat of forest fires on the transition towns not.

Office also reported that all the forces Avialesookhrana currently involved in extinguishing forest fires. "To assess the forest fire situation, the transfer of power, the elimination of forest fires in the Alexander area involved MI-8 helicopter with overflow device, attracted 23 aviadesantnika, 15 volunteers," — noted in the MOE.

As aviation technology used to eliminate forest fires and Verkhneketskyi Kargasok areas of Tomsk Oblast.

Since the beginning of the fire season in the Tomsk region recorded 237 fires. The total area of fires was 11.8 thousand hectares, of which forest — almost eight thousand acres.

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