Emergency mode is entered in Evenk settlement, which approached Fire

Authorities Evenk settlement Rapid, which approached a large forest fire, declared emergency mode and ready to evacuate, said Friday in GUMCHS the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

According to the MOE, Thursday fire that rages within 170 hectares, went to Stormy within five kilometers.

"On the same day the decision of the head of a regime of rapid settlement" Emergency. "Now the threat to the population, residential houses of the village do not. Wildfire is located about five kilometers from the village. Put out fires employs 70 people, and 14 units engineering equipment, water pumps 8. Around the village in order to eliminate the threat of diversion of forest fire on the houses created mineralized forest fire strip "- told in GUMCHS on edge.

According to the rescuers, additional natural obstacles to the spread of fire, are the mountainous terrain and the river Velmo.

On Friday, the Evenk Municipal District Administration for evacuation helicopter sent to the village, but has refused to evacuate residents. They organized a four-hour duty and patrolling adjacent to woodland areas.

Another major fire in Evenkia registered near the village of Vanavara. An area of 240 hectares. Immediate threat locality not, as long as a forest fire is nine kilometers from Vanavara.

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