Employee Pulkovo Observatory of the end of the world and the coming parade of planets



About what exactly will Dec. 21, 2012, we learn only on December 21. But because the Mayan priests were not only predictors, but also good astronomers: the dawn of history in the beginning of the first millennium, they managed to anticipate the parade of planets, which will take place in our millennium with you.

We decided to compare the ideas about this phenomenon Mayan astronomers and scientists studying modern space. To this end, the reporter "Courier-Media.ru" appealed to the Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory.
Despite the modest forecasts of ministers of science, many of the media continues to haunt the imagination of the gullible and the faint of heart doomsday scenarios.

In particular, they associate it with a big parade of planets that will happen just 21 December 2012. In the Pulkovo Observatory confirmed that in the history of mankind has been the case when the day of small parade of planets (and 21 December 2012 will be the small, not big parade) The earth literally shook. The parade took place to be in 1306. But you can call it just a coincidence nemificheskim.

Very often in the media can meet a similar description of the apocalyptic parade: the planets of our solar system and the planets of other systems line up in a row, so the form on the line of the planets, which will start at the center of the galaxy — all of which can lead to a transition of the universe from one system to another, and that will cause the end of the world. However, researchers Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory is no physical basis of global catastrophic events do not show. Day 21 of December, according to scientists, will be no more anomalous than the end of the previous month.

After hearing about the transition of the universe from one system to another, the employee Observatory laughed and then said:

— We are the closest to the edge of the galaxy. When we look at its center, we can see the constellation of Sagittarius and Scorpio. December 21, the day of the winter solstice, the sun will pass through these constellations. We do not know how to line up the planets of other systems. This is wrong — to make such forecasts.

So instead of being afraid of approaching the notorious date December 21, it is better to look forward to this day — because only this time it will be possible to see how the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn is the brightest luminaries lined up in a row on our usual sky.

For help in preparation of the material spokesman Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory Sergei Smirnov.

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