Englishman filmed in his apartment ghost child — PHOTOS

June 20, 2012 9:01

43-year-old John Gore, who lives in Cheltenham English, states that recorded the ghost in the apartment, which is home with his girlfriend Sonia Jones.

Englishman filmed in his apartment ghost child

Day.Az reports with reference to The Daily Mail, a strange object was captured in the apartment when the man photographed her cat. Photo turned out quite blurry, but the object which is near the sofa, like a small child with their contours. Neighbors saw the picture, told Gore that the former tenants of his apartment had a baby that died. Gore suggests that it is the ghost of a child.

According to Gore, he did not believe in ghosts until 2004, when his mother died. After her death, he often felt her presence beside him. A man is not surprised that many do not believe him. However, in his stories, often occur in the flat unexplained phenomena. For example, randomly turns on and off the TV, the channels themselves are transferred from one to another, etc.

Gore convinced that a ghost in the house friendly and is not going to move anywhere. And while he gave him the name — Johnny Bush.

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