Enter the Dragon

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Enter the Dragon

Available range of Chinese tanks for the MMO World of Tanks action

15 January 2013 Company Wargaming, the world-recognized publisher and developer of online games, reports the release of an update to 8.3 Tank MMO-action World of Tanks. With the latest version of the game has replenished 17 models of armor People's Liberation Army of China.

The highlight of the lower levels of the Chinese tree has become the first in the game machine in Japan — captured light tank Type 97 Chi-Ha. An active role in the development of Russian Union of Chinese tank development especially noticeable at higher levels, presented an abundance of modifications of Russian military vehicles and tanks of their development, many of which have not come out in a batch creation.

Intensively developing and implementing the best possible experience of the world tank industry, the Chinese military engineers made frisky, well-armored vehicles with a clear and rather massive weapons, making them the harsh opponents to anyone who dares to challenge "Steel Dragon" China.

On the game World of Tanks

World of Tanks — Is a massively multiplayer online game, one hundred percent dedicated to the armored vehicles the middle of XX century, in which shoulder to shoulder fighting worshipers iron giants from all over the planet, defending their claims to world domination tank.

Join the million-man army tank: www.worldoftanks.ru

About Wargaming

Wargaming — one of the largest global publishers and developers in the market of free-to-play MMO. The company was based in the 1998 and during that time managed to create and produce more than 15 projects. At present, the company is working on a military Wargaming series of MMO-games dedicated tank, air and sea battles of the mid XX century: World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships. All three projects will be part of a single MMO universe Wargaming.net, uniting millions of players in a global society vargeymerov.

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Ivan Zhivica
PR Manager, Russia
Wargaming.net HQ

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