Environmentalists have forced Japan to give up killing whales

Japan announced today the decision to opt out of this winter from whaling in Antarctic waters because of threats from radical environmental organization "Sea Shepherd". In this situation, there is no way to ensure the safety of seafarers and fishermen, said at a press conference in Tokyo, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of the country Mitihiko Kano.

Earlier, activists of the "Sea Shepherd" repeatedly attacked by the Japanese whalers, throwing smoke bombs. Radical environmentalists are trying to block the ropes as propellers. Some time ago between the schooner "Sea Shepherd" and the Japanese whaling ship even took place almost a real battle with the use of water cannons.

"Sea Shepherd" was separated from the international environmental organization "Greenpeace", because they considered it inadequate on the action. Schooner that group flying the black flag, reminiscent of a pirate. Activists of the "Sea Shepherd" say they are willing to interfere with any means to those who, in their opinion, is detrimental to the nature of the ocean. In one of the incidents, "Sea Shepherd" even managed to sink the Icelandic whaling ship.

Japan stopped commercial whaling in 1986 in accordance with the international moratorium on their production. However, it continues to so-called scientific shooting these animals for allegedly lead to study their diet and migration routes. Environmental groups say that under this pretext, Japan continues to commercial whaling.

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