Eternal Bread is increasingly becoming a reality


A technology that protects it from the mold within 60 days. It's hard to find anyone who looking for stale bread or covered in mold, bought a few days ago, did not think: That would have come up with bread that is still fresh and not moldy many days!

Have come up with! The American company Microzap city of Lubbock Texas has developed a technology that allows the bread stay fresh for two months! One of the threats to the bread — a fungus Rhizopus stolonifer, and which forms a mold capable of causing fortunately harmless intestinal disease. Most often the bread wrapped in plastic. This moisture in the grain, and evaporates precipitated as moisture on its surface. This in turn creates the perfect conditions for the formation of Rhizopus stolonifer.

Even in the best conditions possible to protect the bread from mold house a maximum of 10 days, and in fact, of course, it is moldy faster.

Microzap essence of the new technology is that the bread placed in special microwaves, which do not kill the bacteria MRSA and Salmonella, but spores which cause mildew. Moreover, in order to protect the grain from the mold, sufficient to keep it in special furnaces only 10 seconds!

The new technology will get rid of the huge waste. It is believed that in the developed countries is ejected to a third dried bakery products. In the United States, reports the BBC BBC calculated that the average American family throws out 40% of the bread. Each year, waste accumulates in the $ 165 billion!

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