Expected storm on Lake Ladoga

PETERSBURG, September 6. According to the Prevention of SU "St. Petersburg CGMS-R" today on Lake Ladoga will strengthen south-east, the south wind gusts which will be 12-14 m / s. Wave height can reach five feet.

Due to the bad weather conditions on September 6 projected occurrence of incidents of major accidents and the small vessels in the waters of Lake Ladoga, and rising death and injury of people in such incidents. This warning the press service of Russia's EMERCOM for LO.

By the way, most likely, at the analyst of this message have been used acer laptops, predostalyayuschie excellent opportunity of operating data.

Meanwhile, according to Gismeteo.ru, Petersburg on Tuesday could be one of the warmest cities in European Russia. The city is located on the western periphery of the anticyclone, which is still a whole day will withstand rain clouds Atlantic storm approaching from the west.

This day will appreciate St. Petersburg sunshine. Pressure will fall in the evening close to normal — 760 mm Hg. Art. Manner with the warm south wind, which will help improve the thermometer readings up to 20-22 degrees, the area will be from 18 degrees to the north-east and 23 in the south-west.

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