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In the area of the Altai Republic Choyskiy began sea wildlife, which experts attribute the fall of the satellite "Progress". According to employees of the Gorno-Altai University, the mass death of taiga animals and fish in the waters began because of emissions from a crashed spacecraft.

The first alarm began to beat the locals. They complained to the scientists that are often found in the forests of dead bodies sables, chipmunks and other animals, including representatives of the rare species listed in the Red Book. Foresters say death of animals on such a scale before they did not have to watch. "We find in the forest bald carcass, all wool crept — told reporters forester Roman Bashar. — They were taken for examination. Lately, especially a lot of these cases."

Examination showed that the death of animals due to the recent man-made disaster, reports Lifenews.ru. "The fact that the number of animals began to decline sharply — established fact — commented the head of the Laboratory of the University of the Gorno-Altai Anastasia Todozhokova. — In areas falling wreckage all vegetation poisoned by emissions from the fall of the shuttle. She fed such rare animals as deer and musk deer , the deaths are well founded in this case. "

From toxic substances introduced into their natural habitats of wild animals, killing not only animals, but also fish. "I remember the river Karakoksha floated dead from chemical burns fish — said organizing committee member Maria Eldenova environmental group. — In our area after the fall of" Progress "has disappeared five kinds of fish."

According to environmentalists, the impact of the crash forced the spacecraft to experience not only the animals, but also people. Tubalars (of indigenous people of Altai), which still fed subsistence farming, are suffering huge losses. "We lost the only source of income — explained Eldenova. — Collection of nuts, berries, mushrooms, roots were the main means of livelihood. After the fall of the spacecraft, we can not sell them. For blueberries and cranberries do not go. People just do not take, fear oncology. "

What particularly angers locals — so this is the position of official agencies that publish reports about the environmental situation in the region is within the norm. "We do not believe the conclusions that make the Federal Space Agency, Federal Service and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, — noted environmentalist. — They warn that the pollution is not as sick. But people are sick, the animals run, the plants wither. The naked eye can see that the situation is catastrophic" .

Tubalars have written letters to the President of Russia and intend to apply to the court to make an independent examination, which will determine the exact damage inflicted on nature. This week, environmentalists and representatives Tubalars planning to fly to the crash site of debris, "Progress", to take samples of soil, plants and air. "Roscosmos carefully concealed information about the found the fuel tank and its location, but we were able to install it," — said the director of the Altai Regional Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management Yuri Robertus.

According to the publication, in the fuel tank of the spacecraft was dinitrogen oxide — a poisonous substance one hazard class. Its vapors are highly toxic by inhalation and cause burns to internal organs.

Meanwhile, the reporter interviewed "Ytra" Environmentalists tend to believe that reports of sea animals in Altai — nothing more than a hog-wash. "I saw this information on the Internet. Called to the Institute of Ecology of the Republic of Altai and the Committee for the Protection of the animal world, they did not know about it, and that the structures that in the first place would know," — said in an interview to our edition coordinator projects Altai-Sayan branch of the World Wildlife Fund, Michael Paltsyn.

According to the expert, no plague of wild animals in Choyskiy Altai region has not been observed, and on the findings of bald animals, none of the hunters heard. And in order to learn about reducing the number of animals, it is necessary to hold a special registration. As for heptyl, then this is definitely a dangerous substance, but it is unable to so dramatically and so quickly affect the animal population. The poison is absorbed by plants, and then may gradually accumulate in the bodies of herbivores. However, an organic lesions from harmful substances or Altaic nor international environmentalists have not heard anything yet.

Recall failure to start rocket "Soyuz-U" with space truck "Progress M-12M" on 24 August. 325 seconds of flight disruption propulsion "Union" led to its emergency shutdown. The wreckage of "Progress" fell Choyskiy district of the Altai Republic. They have not been found.

This disaster, which occurred just a week after Roscosmos lost in orbit latest communication satellite "Express-AM4" led many experts to talk about the collapse of the Russian space program. However, according to representatives of the Russian Federal Space Agency, the causes of high-profile incidents recently connected rather with production problems, and not with a systemic crisis.

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