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Chainsky anomalous zone surrounding marshes

Chainsky anomalous zone surrounding marshes

In Chainsky's Tomsk region, between the towns Vargater and East, there is a place that is considered by locals cursed. It is a frightening name Mogilny Cape.

Here the birds do not sing …

Chainsky anomalous zone was discovered in 1984, Sverdlovsk journalist Mikhail Glukhov, who came into the creative trip to Tomsk. Then the villagers Eastern and told him about trehsotmetrovoy stretch of land, covered with ancient cedars, located on one of the local marshes. People told: on Mogilnyy Cape, strange and frightening things. His sidestep both people and animals. Only fish in a small lake, adjacent to the Cape, is found in large quantities.

However, fishermen nearby villages are not in their craft, considering water dwellers Chainsky anomalous zone "unclean" …

In his diaries, Mikhail Glukhov wrote in August of the same year, he attempted to explore Cape Mogilny, similar in shape to an elongated iron. Absolute silence reigned there, uninterrupted by even the rustle of pine branches and birds singing. Cold darkness fell from spreading crown of giant conifers blanketed a bright sunlight. The further the journalist went to the cape, the more it grew unexplained feelings of anxiety and depression, forcing him to turn back soon …
Unfortunately, except for the diary Glukhov any other memories of the time left. And the author of three years later died of cancer.

Incredible stories

Perhaps it is a UFO landing site?

Perhaps it is a UFO landing site?

A number of expeditions, investigating Cape for decades (including the well-known organization "Kosmopoisk"), were able to gather enough interesting material about the unusual features of the anomalous zone. Of great interest are the stories of local people, including the elderly, which it would be unreasonable to suspect a deliberate falsification. Retiree Mary Efimovna Shabashnikova the village Vargater recalls in 1947, her mother, father and uncle went to pick mushrooms on the ill-fated Cape. According to the story the mother, by noon they came to a small clearing in the middle of which lay an old fallen tree. Uncle Mary Yefimovna sat rotting trunk, and spouses Shabashnikovy, spread a cloth on the grass, began to spread on it artless edibles. When his mother Mary Yefimovna turned to call a relative to a meal, I saw that on a fallen tree, no one. Into the evening as parents roamed the Cape in search of the missing uncle, but never found it.
Ivan A. Troitsky from East in the early fifties, a boy of twelve years he worked on the farm as a shepherd. Once one of the cows ran on Mogilny Cape. Boy quickly found her. But what was the horror of the little shepherd, when touching a stationary cow, he felt cold and lifeless fingers like rubber, flesh. From the fear stirred his hair, and he screamed as he could. Scream like a boy animated animal. Cow suddenly roused, as if something again breathed life into it, loudly moaned as if in pain, and breaking on the way small bushes, rushed to the village.

Mysterious inhabitants

Locals often observed similar effects

Locals often observed similar effects

Many stories of local residents due to the mysterious creatures that live on the Cape. Old-timers claim that sometimes, especially in the evenings and on moonlit nights, you can see the Cape dark shapes of little people, which local youth called gnomes. These gnomes supposedly live in the roots of old trees and deep holes and feed driving around bizarre big fish — carp, weighing seven to ten pounds.
The old people of neighboring villages, on the contrary, believe that no gnomes on Cape Mogilnyy not, and emerging small figures are ghosts rising from the ancient tombs.
Indeed, according to archaeologists from Tomsk State University in Cape Mogilny has many ancient tombs belonging to the extinct back in the pre-Christian era kulayskoy culture. Several parapiskhologov who visited this anomalous zone, and in particular the Krasnoyarsk researcher Sergey Pustoyarov, believe that the ancient temples, and hidden under the thick layer of earth multimeter pagan sanctuaries are a source of "energy vector of necrosis." That is how some modern esotericism called radiation penetrating into the world of the dead. A sort of "gateway" for such energies are ancient graves, the device which has been given a special, known only to the priests of the rules. Such thin radiation causes in people a sense of instinctive horror associated with the subconscious and natural for all living fear of death.

Heavenly guests

In 1985, immediately after the first publications in the press Glukhov Mogilnyy on a promontory in the anomalous zone arrived expedition organized by the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". One night, one of the participants were able to observe over the Cape three luminous milky light ball is formed between an isosceles triangle. What's emerged from the dense clouds, and rapidly rotating, went to the ground. They soon disappeared in a thick cedar.
Local residents have told researchers visitors that unidentified objects appear here regularly. Some wits even joke: somewhere on the Cape is a UFO base. Sometimes by the abnormal area can hear the sounds resembling thunder or operating a jet engine. Old-timers claim that in the mid-eighties in Cape Mogilny crashed unidentified object, and its glowing debris falling down the large spread.
Indeed, February 26, 1984 over the territory of the Tomsk region was reported by numerous eyewitnesses explosion bright object with orange tail, which soon became the official name of "Tomsk race car." That summer, in search of car in the area of the river Chulym TRAVEL Expedition Institute of Geology and Geography of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences. No wreckage of a mysterious celestial body expedition to discover I could not. However, the villagers and the Eastern Vargater unanimously assert that scientists looking for traces of "guests" in the wrong place …

Human hands

According to some skeptics and scientists, unexplained phenomena occurring on the Cape, are quite earth nature. Siberian geologists claim that under the cape has rich deposits of iron ore, located just ten meters from the surface. They generate a powerful positive and negative charges of the magnetic fields that are created by the interaction of unusual phenomena. These phenomena are amplified powerful geological fault running through the area.
Some of the old-timers claim that the cause of the anomaly lies in Chainsky falling here spent stages rockets. However, scientists say: no traces of contamination in heptyl Chahin not and debris rockets falling in the nearby, Kolpashevsky region.
Relatively recently — in the middle of the nineties of the last century — has become known to another interesting fact: in the sixties and seventies of the XX century in Cape Mogilny was organized cemetery, where radioactive waste is taken out of the Siberian Chemical Combine. Work in this dangerous object allegedly made prisoners sentenced to long terms for serious crimes. Perhaps the mysterious "dwarfs", which saw the anomalous cape, are the very prisoners under long-term effects of radiation have turned into strange creatures.
Whatever it was, the mysteries of this place has not yet been solved. Grave Cape continues to wait for researchers who finally reveal its secrets.

Sergei Kozhushko

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