Finnair: Dozens of aircraft were lightning strikes

Finnish national airline Finnair reports that lightning violated air service yesterday evening and the subsequent night. Lightning strikes hit by dozens of planes that had to go back because of the airport.
Raging storm caused flight delays up to their abolition. Finnair is recognized that the situation was extreme. All planes were further technical review. On some boards revealed minor injuries suffered lightning strikes.
This morning Finnair had to cancel flights to Hamburg and Geneva. In particular, the plane, bound for the Greek resort of Chania, returned to Helsinki after it was struck by lightning. In the morning the aircraft was able to fly again. Also in the metropolitan Helsinki-Vantaa Airport yesterday was short, but the electricity supply was resumed immediately by the emergency power supply system.
Storm also broke the rail. The trains were late, and some trains were canceled. Today also expect some delays in the movement of trains.

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