Flooding in Ireland: two dead, hundreds homeless

Heavy downpours flooded the eastern and northern parts of Ireland, which killed two people and hundreds were left without means of subsistence.

In the Dublin area for the day had the monthly rainfall, which led to the closure of railways and roads. The flood damaged many houses and shops, hundreds of people were forced to flee their homes. In the capital, introduced a state of emergency.

According to police at the side of the river in the suburbs of Dublin washed the man's body. Local media reported that the body of a policeman who was trying to help stranded motorists on Monday. The basement flooded home in south Dublin rescuers found the body of a woman.

On Monday night, the rain stopped and then started again on Tuesday morning. Ireland Weather Service says there is a risk of heavy rain in the east and north of the country, but mainly dry weather is expected, reports the "Times."

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