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July 30, 2012 17:37

Sometimes the fog presents mysteries that baffled researchers and scientists. There are many versions, designed to explain such incidents
This natural phenomenon occurs when the air is filled with water vapor. Water droplets are so small and light that does not fall, and float in the air. Fog — it's the same cloud, it is only at the level of our land. It seems that everything is easy, but sometimes the fog presents mysteries that baffled researchers and scientists.

© / Greenmonster / cc-by-nc-sa 3.0

© / Greenmonster / cc-by-nc-sa 3.0

The Lost Regiment

Will soon be a hundred years since then, as in the First World War in Turkey disappeared without trace a whole military unit. In early August 1915 the fourth battalion of the Norfolk Regiment under Captain Montgomery and fifth — under the command of Colonel Sir Horeysa Bosch Suvli landed in the bay in the assault group.

A few days later Sendringemskuyu volunteer company of this battalion was sent to attack the small "high-rise 60". The group of 267 men under the command of Colonel and Captain Bosch Beck pops towards the enemy. On the way, the soldiers entered the cloud of mist, and when it cleared — one was not there, his colleagues could not find even a phone norfolktsev. "They went deep into the fog and no longer noticeable. None of them returned. " Later, the bodies of 180 people, were able to identify only the bodies of two soldiers. The bodies were scattered over an area of about a square mile. This finding explained the fate of the Norfolk Regiment. Rest of the UK government is still considered missing.

Where have had happened to nearly a hundred soldiers, if their bodies have not been found? Despite all the circumstances of the time, the disappearance of this was very strange. Even a military man through and through — Commander of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, Lieutenant-General Ian Hamilton — said something mystical in the fact of the disappearance of a unit on the battlefield in broad daylight. And when the British declassified documents the commission that investigated the incident, the mystery only increased. In the report the Commission has repeatedly mentioned the strange fog, slumped on the ground day in August. This in itself is unusual, moreover, the fog was so bright that blinded the gunners. "For some quirk of nature Suvli Bay and Plain were shrouded in a strange mist on August 21, the day — remember one of the artillery observers. — It was bad for us, because we were hoping that the enemy's arrows will be blinded by the sun, was inclined to set, and we Turkish trenches are clearly visible in his evening light with exceptional clarity. It turned out the same as we were hardly able to distinguish the enemy order of the day, while Western targets were particularly clearly visible in bright light. " Historians believe that the Turks simply broke the British and still afraid to admit it at the state level. But if it really were the case, questions remain: what a strange fog descended on the battlefield and why the soldiers gone?

The warriors from the past

In the annals of XVII century described a remarkable story. In 1621, at the gates of the royal palace in Kolomenskoye suddenly there was a small detachment of Tartar horsemen. They were surrounded by archers, guarding the gate, and immediately captured. The riders said that they — the soldiers Khan Devlet Giray, whose troops tried to capture Moscow in 1571, but were defeated. Hoping to escape persecution, equestrian squad went down to vote ravine, shrouded in dense fog. Tartars had been there, as it seemed to them a few minutes, and emerged only after 50 years. One of the prisoners said that the fog was unusual, gleaming green color, but in fear of the chase on this one paid attention. Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich inflict ordered an inquiry, which found the Tatars, most likely telling the truth. Even their weapons and equipment did not correspond weapons of the time, but more like the older of the mid XVI century. Mystical stories go on and on.

In the XIX century in documents Police Department of the Moscow province there have been numerous cases of the mysterious disappearance of people from neighboring villages. One such incident was described in July 1832 in the newspaper "Moscow News". Two peasants, Arkhip Ivan Kuzmin and Bochkarev, returning home at night from the neighboring village, decided to cut the road and pass Golosov ravine. At the bottom of the valley clouds of thick fog, which cropped up a "corridor, filled with pale light." The men came in and met the overgrown hair of people who have tried to show them the signs way back. A few minutes later the peasants out of the mist and continued on. When they came to his village, it was found that after two decades. Wives and children, the aged of 20 years, hardly recognized them. In case the police intervened. At the urging of the investigators in the ravine, conducted an experiment in which one of the time travelers again disappeared in the fog back and did not return.

Purple haze

Information about this strange phenomenon observed quiet May evening in 1964 over Lake Baikal, for many years was enshrined in the secret archives of the Soviet secret police. Went on duty change of air defense missile battalion, located 30 kilometers west of the city of Ulan-Ude, the evening May 17, 1964 did not augur ill. Conventional military routine with periodic passage so well thought-control radar operator reports.

At about 21 o'clock local time the crew of one of the anti-aircraft missiles (SAMs), reported to the command post of the division is that the lake Baikal recorded oncoming purple glow. In its next report narrated in ten minutes, a senior officer of the crew advised that sees a burning taiga on the eastern shore of Baikal. At this time, the military has all the facilities division had the opportunity to watch the purple, iridescent satin shroud captures highlights new areas of the night sky, quickly moving to the east.

In 21 hours, 20 minutes on the radio there is considerable noise, and soon the relationship between units of division can be performed only on a landline phone. The first "it" saw Sergeant Nicholas Rakhmatullin what immediately reported to the commander. About 22 hours of bloody mist turned into intense flashes of fire that covered the sky and the taiga. At this time, the battalion commander of the team received all officers and soldiers — to wear personal protective equipment and to start measuring radioactivity and chemical composition of air in the area, which housed part. According to eyewitnesses, a sudden feeling of fear and despondency seized soldiers.

Many of them have started to get a headache, joints and stomach. Some opened diarrhea. It is only at half past three in the morning fog lifted, and at the same time relieved SAM crews.

One of the most innocuous manifestations of purple haze was recorded in August 2001, then none of the witnesses was not injured, but the terror caused by the appearance of purple haze, long passed.

Here's how it happened: a group of tourists to the river Elitsa Moscow region. Young people planning to sit around the campfire, singing songs with a guitar — just relax so pleasant memories from them for long. In fact, everything was quite different: in the midst of the evening, when the ground began to fall only twilight, out of nowhere appeared crimson clouds of mist. Fog looked like a snowball — it covers not all visible space, but only a part, and moved as if he intentionally pushes an invisible hand. Later, all the witnesses spoke in chorus the same. Horror like nailing them to the ground, they could not move hand or foot.

The impression was that purple haze illuminated from inside a dark glow, and from its depths for young people watching someone's gaze. No one could say a word until the purple clubs have approached very close to the fire. At this point, clouds of mist, as if burned with fire, pulled back and vanished as suddenly as they appeared.

These days, there was a whole series of rather original hypotheses. In particular, a member of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vasily A. Kropochev believes that fiery mist is a consequence of powerful geomagnetic emissions from the planet's interior, which arise as a result of movements of tectonic plates.

Ghostly tanks

It has been almost 70 years since the largest tank battle of the Second World War — the Battle of Kursk. But in the Kursk region are persistent talk that it is still possible to observe first hand: some nearby villages say they occasionally see strange ghostly tank battles in Prokhorovka field, under Ponyri and elsewhere. According to local residents, the images of the Battle of Kursk appear under certain conditions. Typically, this occurs in the early morning at some points of observation. Often — in the fog. Feeling at this is as if he had seen a real tank battle. "Rear tanks just looked through from the morning mist, but the front was clearly visible crosses" — says an eyewitness. Pictures taken with the help of special equipment on the River Hopper, in the mist tents are visible, the figures in helmets. Nothing like it in the shooting was not there. And Voronezh experts on anomalous phenomena explain the phenomenon by the fact that the film may have captured visual information many years ago, which has kept the energy "field of memory," bursts out of the fault zone. The fact is that in the years of World War II took place in these parts line of defense, which was attended by the Czechoslovak regiment. The soldiers in helmets, which appeared in the pictures, their uniforms — all matches at the time.

Maybe the fog has a memory? Explanation of this yet. But, as modern scholars, "Misty warriors" have to do with mysticism. And over time, this phenomenon is sure to find a particular materialist explanation.

There are many versions, designed to account for such incidents. It is believed that on the ground there, or occasionally occur, anomalous zones, which is a "gateway" to other spatial and temporal dimensions. Commission for unexplained phenomena has collected in its archive a lot of stories about these areas. Curiously, many mentioned or purple, or simply — "strange" fog. Of course, that all of these stories can be misleading or just draw. But if we assume that at least some of them are true, what conclusions can be drawn?

Pavel Eremin

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