For insulting a collector of signatures — 700,000 fine

October Vitebsk district court punished for hooliganism Gaidukova Alexander, who on October 18, publicly insulted the participants of the picket to collect signatures for nomination as a candidate for the presidency.

Vadim Kuzmin, a member of the initiative group of Yaroslav Romanchuk, told the court that Mr Gaidukov approached the picketers days Streak, insulted and threatened all women with physical violence. The picketers repeatedly called the police, but the bully once ran.

Alexander detain Gaidukova was only on October 18, and Vadim Kuzmin himself pinned his arms and did not let go until the police arrived. Today in court, he expressed a request for financial compensation for non-pecuniary damage. His anguish for three days when Gaidukov terrorizing protesters, activist estimated at one million rubles.

Judge Alesia Zharikova consider this requirement is not, advising Mr. Vadim Kuzmin in this matter apply to the court separately.



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