For libel in Russia will render his due

It is known that for slander culprit did not get in this country deserve. Scolded a little bit and everything. But now the authorities have decided to turn to face the issue. Finally, we need to put an end to this phenomenon. But this would be difficult. To do this, change the existing laws.

In the State Duma of Russia has received a draft of the law. It is proposed to introduce a penalty for false information that discredits the dignity and honor of the man, a fine up to 100,000 rubles or in the amount equal to the amount of salary for the period of the offender to 6 months.

Also, there is a proposal to introduce a punishment correctional work or being in detention for up to 12 months. According to the current Administrative Code, now in the Russian Federation provides for such action by a fine of 2,000 to 3,000 rubles.

Some deputies said that the return of criminal libel will help curb those who use impure methods in order to achieve personal and selfish purposes. They believe that people who are victims of slander should appear powerful tool that will help protect their dignity and honor.

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