For us, the Bulls — that's Apostle

The Company's October 22 veterans' organization Grodno received from the authorities of a warrant for an additional room of 25 square meters. There will be transferred to the exposure of the public museum of Vasil Bykov, who is now in the 13-meter room.

AblameykoNikolay Ivanovich, please remind me to our listeners backstory — how to create a museum and how long you had to seek space for the museum.

MelnikovMuseum was established July 7, 2003 at a meeting of the veterans' organization after we arrived in Minsk from the funeral Bykov.

AblameykoQ: What are the basis of the exhibits of the museum of your exposure?

MelnikovBykov's book, a book that gave us writers with the words, pictures, objects, which he enjoyed, all that can fit in a small room. When you come to the museum — an impression that has come to Bykov.

Ablameyko: Is there a public interest in Grodno museum Bykov? People come?

Melnikov: The great interest. The museum is open for real.

Ablameyko: And how do Grodno are Bykov — read the writer's people now? Remember if Bykov? Or are proud of the fact that he lived in your city?

Melnikov: Read, when we promote when we give books to read. Come and take us. Interest in Bykov is. People remember that the Bulls — grodnenets.

Ablameyko: Who is common to hear disputes over what period of national development experience Belarusians. Some say that as if there was not, and national identity in an independent state is fixed. Others say that the language of the Belarusian almost died, its source — the village — dying that Russification covered all sectors of society. And in your opinion, the opinion of residents of Grodno, which is the situation with the Belarusian subjects?

Melnikov: Language destroyed. Everything is done to ensure that it did not exist. But the Belarusian language is supported by our museum. We support the Belarusian language by Bykov, through his works. We know that he defended the language, defended Belarus. For us, the Bulls — that's Apostle, is the person who made the program, which teaches us how to live. It helps us to defend the independence, our Belarusian.

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