Foreign Ministry hopes that from January 1, Russian oil will be tax-free

The Belarusian authorities have confirmed to diversify its energy supplies.

The main reason for refusal of further binding to a multi-year donor — the Russian Federation called market conditions, which in trade relations with Belarus has moved Moscow. Blow that got such a step Belarusian economic entities, became extremely sensitive.

Higher prices for natural gas and dutiable oil and refined petroleum products have formed a huge hole in the budget. Patch up their Belarusian authorities are still trying to return to the preferences that still Minsk received from Russia, and now hopes to receive from the Customs Union. Spoke about this today, Deputy Foreign Minister of Belarus Andrei Evdochenko:

"This is a very important exception to the regime of the Customs Union. Fact that there is a duty within the states of the Customs Union, is incompatible with the norms and principles of international trade. Ideally, they should not must at the stage of a free trade zone. Well, the fact that they moved to the Customs Union, in terms of international standards, guidelines and practices is a definite nonsense. Therefore, we hope that the report on seizures of a single customs territory, which the parties have signed, will be made in full and with the January 1, 2011 this issue will be closed. In principle, we have no one any privileges and preferences are not waiting. In our calculations to predict the development of foreign trade, we proceed from the assumption that all the same in one day, all business entities will work by uniform prices and terms of trade in oil and oil products. But in our calculations, we are laying almost world prices. Gifts from anyone we do not expect. "


Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oil, Evdochenko

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