Forest fires in Yakutia almost burned the house with two retirees and 8 children

 Employees Avialesookhrana Ust-Maya district of Yakutia evacuated an elderly couple and their eight grandchildren out of the hut in the taiga, which crept close to a forest fire, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday a representative of the Department of Forest Relations of the Republic, but did not specify the date of the incident.

"At the point of dispatching service Yakut Airbase forest protection by satellite phone received a signal that the old couple, whose visit with eight grandchildren aged 3 months to 12 years, is in the midst of a forest fire," — said the source.

According to him, a forest fire broke out in the 300 kilometers from the village of Ust-May. People were surrounded by a forest fire in a house in a remote part of the settlement in the taiga.

By a happy coincidence, the staff Ust-Maya separation Avialesookhrana carried circled forest fires and responded to a distress call. At the time of arrival of the fire came very close to the buildings. Employees Avialesookhrana helicopter evacuated people.

"The children and two adults, we were transported to the village of Ust-Maya relatives. Forest house and outbuildings were saved from the fire," — said the representative of the department.

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