Forty-degree temperatures down to the end of the week will remain in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

Abnormally cold weather will last until the end of the week in the central and southern parts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the place the night temperature drops to minus 42 degrees at night, is expected to minus 35 degrees, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday an official representative of the regional central board MOE Alexander Yakimov.

"According to forecasters, from 13 to 18 December and the central and southern regions are expected abnormally cold weather: air temperature minus 30-35 degrees at night, sometimes up to minus 42 in the afternoon — minus 25 or minus 30 degrees in some places up to minus 35 degrees," — said Yakimov.

Rescuers advise citizens to dress warmer, do not leave young children alone in the street in order to avoid cases of frostbite, follow the rules of fire safety, monitor the serviceability of electrical appliances are not left unattended and the heated oven.

Currently in Krasnoyarsk minus 26 degrees and icy wind. From 13 December until Tuesday afternoon at the regional center derzhalasv temperature around 30 degrees.

According to the Department of Urban Development, during the cold in no major accidents and shutdowns. Heating system and life support Krasnoyarsk operating normally.

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